2017 Vestry Nominee: Jen Taylor

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My husband, Mike & I have lived in Northern Virginia for 13 years. After growing up in a small upstate New York town, Warrenton quickly felt like home. We currently live in town with our 3 children, Amelia (7), Zachary (5) and Eleanor (2). We are in the process of building a new home just a couple miles away and hope to be moving in the spring! I keep busy being a stay a home mom, volunteering at each of our kids’ 3 schools, traveling to see family & friends (mainly over the summer) to my family’s cottage on Keuka Lake and one of my favorite things to do right now is to run! 

I first visited Saint James’ when we were looking for preschools for our daughter, Amelia about 5 years ago. We found exactly what we had hoped for and naturally wanted to become part of the entire Saint James’ Church & School community. One of my greatest experiences at St. James’ is how I felt instantly part of something great – from the very beginning. The Church is so rich with history and traditions is was easy to feel right at home. 

I’m proud to be at Saint James’ for many reasons but something that really stands out is the involvement and support of our community. I can’t even name all the outreach that goes on. It’s incredible. 

I would like to see Saint James’ continue to encourage and find ways to engage younger families to become involved with both the church and school. Not just to come on Sundays or send their children to school during the week, but to truly get involved!