Advent Reflection: December 1st

” … Therefore prepare your minds for action; discipline yourselves; set all your hope on the grace that Jesus Christ will bring you when he is revealed.” – 1 Peter 1:13

The Christmas season, a time of year when we remember our precious Savior’s birth, and is the perfect time to renew our way of life in Jesus. In this passage, Peter urges the people of Rome to stay faithful to Jesus despite the persecution they face, because Jesus has called them to a new way of life.

Although you may not face persecution in the way that these ancient people did, or even in the violent way that some people are facing it today, you face many obstacles during the holiday season.

The world you live in constantly throws distractions in your path. The path that the world would have you follow this Christmas season is full of stress, planning, and spending money. But Jesus longs for you to renew your way of life in Him this Christmas season. The path that Jesus longs for you to follow leads you directly to Him.

Think of Jesus every moment of your day. Seek time to be quiet and be in His presence. Ask Jesus to help you differentiate between the tasks that are really important, and those that would only consume your time. Invite Jesus into every event this holiday season, so that He may guide your conversations with loved ones.

By staying focused on Jesus, you will be following the path to your new way of life in Him, and you will receive the best gift of all this Christmas – a strengthened relationship with the Lord.

– April Walker, Youth Leader and Parishioner