Adult Formation Update: May 25, 2017

Worship: Prayers of the People

by Randolph Charles

In the Prayers of the People, there are spaces for us to add, either aloud or silently, our own prayers of concerns and thanksgivings. This brief naming of a specific person, need, or blessing in the context of a general prayer is one way to make our common worship more personal.

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Read the Bible in 100 days!

by Randolph Charles

The Adult Formation Ministry Team is challenging all parishioners to read the Bible in 100 days! Can you do it? Will you do it? Here’s the plan.

  • The program summer begins for us on Pentecost Day, June 4, and ends on September 10, the Sunday after Labor Day. That’s 91 days.
  • The book we will be using is The Path: A Journey through the Bible. It includes all of the primary passages of the Bible, using the New Revised Standard Version, the same translation you hear in church. In addition to the actual Bible passages, there is also connecting text which covers the sense of the omitted portions in order for readers to experience the complete Bible story.
  • If you read 3 to 4 pages every day during the summer, you will have read the Bible in 91 days by September 10.
  • Of course, you might get so interested in learning more about the Bible from start to finish, that you want to spend more time reading it. The Path has Scripture citations, study questions, and next steps at the end of each of the 24 chapters.
  • You might want to spend one week on each chapter, which means that you would complete the book just before the season of Advent, the beginning of a new church year, December 3.
  • But wait; there’s more. If there are children in your household, you might want to use The Path Family Storybook: A Journey through the Bible for Families. This book also has 24 chapters, and it tells the major stories of the Bible in a way that engages children.

The Adult Formation Ministry Team is following the preferences as expressed in the adult formation survey of six months ago that we learn more about the Bible and The Episcopal Church. We believe that getting a full and authoritative overview of the Bible is essential in comprehending and embracing the themes and development of God’s Word as recorded in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

So take the plunge. Make the Bible your summer reading, and read the entire Bible using The Path in 100 days, more or less. Your reward will be a deeper faith in the living and triune God and a clearer understanding of how God loves us and encourages us to live our lives in that faith.

To order The Path and/or The Path Family Storybook, put your name on the order lists on the parish bulletin board or contact me at

Adult Formation Plans for Spring and Summer at St. James’

Adult Formation at St. James’

Adult formation is learning about the faith and being formed by the triune God through

1) study of religious sources,

2) contemplative prayer,

3) meaningful conversation,

4) and participation in the life of a faith community.

Learning More about Today’s Episcopal Church: Challenges and Opportunities

Primary Book: The Episcopal Way ($10 paperback/100 pages; $10 Kindle)

Secondary Book: People of the Way ($10 paperback/130 pages; $10 Kindle)

Session Schedule: Gathering (5 min.), Lecture (15), Conversation (20), Sending (5)

Session Dates and Topics

May 7 & May 9        Session 1:    Discovering the Episcopal Way

May 14 & May 16    Session 2:     Digital Media and the Incarnation

A Multi-Tasking World and a Liturgical Church

May 21 & May 23    Session 3:     Network Theory and a Networked Church

Flattened Authority and a Democratic Church

May 28 & May 30    Session 4:     Globalization and an Indigenous Church

Secularism and a Thoughtful yet Mystical Church

June 4 & June 6        Session 5:     Returning to the Via Media

Uniting Beauty and Justice

June 11 & June 13    Session 6:     Practicing Mutuality with the Other

June 18 & June 20    Session 7:    Falling in Love with God Again

June 25 & June 27    Session 8:     Walking the Episcopal Way

Learning Groups

Sunday Learning Group #1, 9:15 in Reception Room (Childcare for five years and younger in Nursery)

Sunday Learning Group #2, 11:45 in Reception Room

Tuesday Learning Group, 10:30 in Reception Room

Home Learning Group (Form your own group; meet in your own space. Contact Fr. Randolph for more information.)

Online Learning Group (Join the St. James’ Adult Formation Facebook group.)

Individual Bible Reading and Study

Here are some good resources for individual and family Bible reading and reflection.

The Path: A Journey through the Bible ($20 paperback/300 pages; $10 Kindle)

All major passages of the Bible (New Revised Standard Version) with connecting text and study guides

The Path Family Storybook: A Journey through the Bible for Families ($10 paperback/100 pages)

The major stories of the Bible told in a way that engages children

Journey with Matthew ($10 paperback/200 pages; $10 Kindle)

Gospel of Matthew with fifty days of scripture readings, meditations, questions, and prayers

All of the above books can be ordered from Amazon or Forward Movement or by contacting Fr. Randolph at or requesting a book on the sign-up sheet on the parish hall bulletin board.