Adult Formation in the Season of Easter

Mission Statement for Adult Formation

Adult formation is learning about the faith and being formed by the Triune God through study of religious sources, contemplative prayer, meaningful conversation, and participation in the life of a faith community. 

Learning Group Course: Episcopal Identity


– Four sessions, offered twice, beginning Sunday, May 7

Primary Book

The Episcopal Way: Church’s Teaching for a Changing World ($10, 100 pages; $10 Kindle)

Secondary Books

People of the Way: Renewing Episcopal Identity ($12, 130 pages; $10 Kindle)

The Episcopal Story: Birth & Rebirth  ($10, 100 pages; $9 Kindle)

Session Schedule

– Gathering (5 min.), Lecture (15), Conversation (20), Sending (5)

Learning Groups

– Sunday 9:15 Learning Group (Childcare for five years and younger in the Nursery)

– Sunday 11:45 Learning Group

– Tuesday 10:30 Learning Group

– Home Learning Group (Form your own group; meet in your own space.)

Online Learning Group (Join the Saint James’ Adult Formation Facebook group.)

Learning Group Norms

– Book and Bible readings, attendance, and schedule

– Honest, open, focused, non-judgmental, and helpful conversation

– Shared and balanced participation 

Learning Group Facilitators

The hope of the Adult Formation Ministry Team is that there will eventually be many learning groups at Saint James’ and a variety of courses. To make that vision a reality, however, we need to recruit and train a team of group facilitators. Group facilitation is not overly difficult. Many parishioners already have the skill. All who would like to explore the possibility of being a learning group facilitator at Saint James’ are encouraged to contact Fr. Randolph at

Individual Bible Study

Here are some good resources for individual and family Bible reading and reflection.

The Path: A Journey through the Bible  — All major passages of the Bible (New Revised Standard Version) with connecting text and study guide ($20 paperback, 300 pages; $10 Kindle)

The Path Family Storybook: A Journey through the Bible for Families — The major stories of the Bible told in a way that engages children ($10, 100 pages)

Journey with Matthew — Gospel of Matthew with fifty days of scripture readings, meditations, questions, and prayers ($15 paperback, 200 pages; $10 Kindle)

All of the above books can be ordered from Amazon or Forward Movement or by contacting Fr. Randolph at