Update on Adult Formation | January 12, 2017

Dear Parishioners,

55 of you have registered for the “New Testament Stuff I Need to Know” course. That’s fantastic! It is a fact that congregations that read and study Scripture together grow together. We grow closer to each other and to God  as we learn more about God’s Word and share our learnings with each other.

I have posted below the syllabus for the course. There are 20 more course books available, and I hope that every one of them finds a home with one of you. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at randolph@saintjameswarrenton.org  I am the facilitator for all Sunday sessions and most of the Tuesday sessions.



(for a printable version of the syllabus, click here)

“New Testament Stuff I Need to Know”


Course Schedule

  1. SESSION ONE — 1/8-1/14 — Introduction
  2. SESSION TWO — 1/15-1/21 — Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 [p1-p20]
  3. SESSION THREE — 1/22-1/28 — Chapter 4, Chapter 5 [p21-p35]
  4. SESSION FOUR — 1/29-2/4 — Chapter 6 [p36-p59]
  5. SESSION FIVE — 2/5-2/11 — Chapter 7 [p60-p83]
  6. SESSION SIX — 2/12-2/18 — Chapter 8 [p84-p94]
  7. SESSION SEVEN — 2/19-2/25 — Chapter 9 [p95-p113]
  8. SESSION EIGHT — 2/26-2/28 — Chapter 10, Chapter 11 [p114-p125]

Course Book

  • The New Testament: A Very Short Introduction, by Luke Timothy Johnson

Learning Groups

  • Sunday 9:15 Learning Group (Childcare for five years and younger in the Nursery)
  • Sunday 11:45 Learning Group
  • Women’s Study Group
  • Online Learning Group (Join the St. James’ Adult Formation Facebook group.)
  • Self-select Learning Group (Form your own group; meet in your own space.)

Learning Group Norms


  1. Gathering: Center and connect. (5 minutes)
  2. Reading Content: Review and share.  (20 minutes)
  3. Personal Application: Speak, listen, and affirm. (15 minutes)
  4. Sending Forth: Give thanks and empower. (5 minutes)


  1. Book and Bible readings, attendance, and schedule
  2. Honest, open, focused, non-judgmental, and helpful conversation
  3. Shared and balanced participation
  4. Norms can be changed to fit the needs and nature of the learning group.

Other Recommended Resources

  • The New Oxford Annotated Bible, NRSV, Fourth Edition
  • Olive Tree Bible Study app    or     http://bible.oremus.org/  
  • Opening the Bible, Roger Ferlo, New Church’s Teaching Series
  • Engaging the Word, Michael Johnston, New Church’s Teaching Series