Adult Formation Journal: September 16, 2018

The Way of Love

Session 1

Background for Discussion

The idea of a “Rule of Life’ comes from the Latin word ​regula​ and suggests a way to regulate or regularize our lives to stay on an intentional path. A “Rule of Life” is not just a set of rules to live by; rather, it is a gentle framework to guide and support us on our way.

A “Rule of Life” allows us to live with intention and purpose in the present moment. It helps us clarify our most important values, relationships, dreams, and work.

A “Rule of Life” is meant to be simple, realistic, flexible, and achievable. It is a purposeful tool to help us grow into a more meaningful life with God.

Questions for Discussion

  • What are some “rules of life” [habits, patterns] that already exist in your own lives, consciously or unconsciously? Are they helpful or hurtful?
  • In what specific ways would you like to be more intentional with God?
  • What is holding you back from being more intentional about your relationship with God? What can you do this week to take down one of those barriers?
  • The Way of Love is a Rule of Life. Who could you travel The Way of Love with, helping to keep each other accountable?

Practicing the Way of Love

​Living the Way of Love is less about adding a bunch of spiritual practices to your already busy life and more about intentionally using your time in a way that is fruitful and that encourages spiritual, emotional, and mental growth.

Learning Group Creed

“I am beloved of God. I am on a faith journey with Jesus Christ that touches my heart, and I am grateful to be walking in faith with companions along the way. I don’t need to be right; I do want to be faithful.”

This Week’s Resource



About Learning Groups

​Adult formation at Saint James’ focuses on small learning groups that encourage honesty, acceptance, respect, support, focus, trust, and confidentiality. Learning groups meet in the reception room on Sundays at 9:15am and 11:45am, and on Tuesdays at 10:00am. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you’ve attended before. If you’d like more information, contact Fr. Randolph.