Green Team Update: Appalachia and Coal


From the Ashes, a National Geographic documentary and Tribeca Film Festival 2017 Selection, will be broadcast on the National Geographic Channel Sunday, June 25 at 9 PM (check your local listing to verify time).

This documentary provides a thought-provoking look at Appalachia, the use of coal for energy production, the problems that arise, and some possible solutions. The Green Team, Warrenton Climate Change Group, and Virginia Interfaith Council co-sponsored a preview of the documentary last week at Saint James’ and recommend the film.

While coal-fired energy production emits large amounts of carbon dioxide which damages our planet, the loss of employment in that industry has hurt many people.

Frostburg, MD Coal Mine

Ideas from different perspectives are most valuable: how do we balance both the needs of our planet and those of people? After watching the preview of From the Ashes, the group suggested the following ideas:    

— Learn more about Appalachia and the people there by reading. Explore the website for the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)

Contact your Congressperson and request their support for continued funding of the Appalachian Regional Commission.

— Sign up for ARC’s newsletter or follow on Facebook.

— Consider visiting Appalachia, its beautiful state parks and bluegrass festivals. Abingdon and Bristol are considered “big cities; but you can find the most distressed counties listed by state here

— Volunteer to help in free clinics such as Mission of Mercy.

— Consider how other countries address the loss of coal jobs (U. K., Canada, etc.)

Mountaintop Coal Mine