Saint James’ Softball Cup is Monday, August 13

Join us this upcoming Monday, August 13, for our season-ending softball extravaganza against Saint James’ Episcopal School!

  • Where: Taylor Middle School in Warrenton
  • When: Monday evening, August 13, starting at 6:15pm (try to be there before 6:00 to warm up!)
  • What’s Happening: One 9-inning game for the coveted Saint James’ Cup!
  • After party: Foster’s Grille in Warrenton for the awarding of the cup and fellowship for everyone on a great season

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Softball Update: July 18, 2018

We will not have a softball game this Wednesday, July 25 so we can attend Choral Evensong instead. However, we are trying to get a game together for Monday, July 23, so email the team captains if you’re interested in playing!


Your Saint James’ coed softball team continued to rack up wins this past Wednesday with a pair of wins against cross-town rival Oak View National Bank.

  • Click here for the Facebook event for Saint James’ Softball
  • Scroll down or click here to see photos of the last game

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Sunday, May 26: Pentecost and So Much More!

The morning of Sunday, May 26th is filled with significance for the Saint James’ community, and you’re invited to be a part of the energy and eager expectation in this spirit-filled day. In addition to the 8:00am and 10:15am services, we’ll be celebrating a new relationship with a church in Warrenton and a growing relationship with a church and school in Haiti; we’ll recognize the graduating high-school seniors in our community and wrap up the program year for family ministries and start to looking forward to the fall.

Of course, this Sunday will be centered around the Day of Pentecost, the moment when Christians received the Holy Spirit’s call and were commissioned to be a worldwide movement for spreading the Kingdom of God into every part of the earth.

Festival Eucharist

10:15 AM Service

The annual Saint James’ Festival Eucharist will be held on the Day of Pentecost which falls on May 20th.

The choir has been working tirelessly on the setting of the mass and the anthem since early January.

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CONNECTED Capital Campaign 


APRIL 2, 2017

On April 2nd we will be inviting you to make your pledge to the CONNECTED Capital Campaign.

Between now and Pledge Day, April 2nd, we will be sharing weekly information with you. Be on the lookout for updated building plans and renderings, a closer look at our campaign goal versus actual project costs, and a spotlight on the benefits this project will bring to the church, the school, and our greater Warrenton community.

We are a community CONNECTED!
The mission of the church and school is carried out more purposefully because we are connected.

Community is paramount at Saint James’. Within the church and the school communities, connections run deep. Many church families are or have been affiliated with the school and many school families have discovered the church through their children’s school enrollment. School children participate in church services, and church members volunteer at the school. Monthly service projects are often the result of collaborations between the two entities. We believe it is much more fulfilling to worship, learn, and serve when we know, trust, and love the people by our side.

In addition to our church and school being connected, we are connected to the community beyond our doors. We share our space with local groups like the Boy Scouts, Fauquier Jewish Community, Volunteer
Income Tax Assistance, People Helping People, and Habitat for Humanity.

We are CONNECTED in growth!
As the ministries of the church and school grow, our space has to grow along with them.

Our church is thriving at a time when nationwide parish enrollment is declining. Sharing space
with the school allows the church to reach out and have an impact on children and families that might not be served otherwise.
The school is thriving, too, because of its Christian foundation. The church’s belief in the importance of early childhood education has propelled the school to new heights with its solid preschool and elementary programs emphasizing virtues and academics.
Our church and school are blessed to share the same space. Your April 2nd gift to the CONNECTED Capital Campaign will allow us to renovate our existing space and add more rooms to our current footprint. Together we can relieve the strain of tight quarters and help maintain the integrity of our church and school union. We are so excited to be starting this journey with you.

Vestry Minutes | May 23, 2016

St. James’ Church

Summary of Vestry Minutes

May 23, 2016

Treasurer’s Report:

Pledge and plate receipt were down for the month, but still ahead YTD. With summer coming when many are on holiday, it is important to keep an eye on these figures and provide timely reminders. Several of the expense lines were over budget, but this was generally due to timing or one-time needs such as the expense in the Music budget for the Festival Eucharist or the Rector’s Continuing Ed budget for his trip to Israel.

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What Your Children Learned: April 24

Whether or not your children were able to make it to Sunday school, you can still engage them in this week’s story.  Please read the summary, look up the story online, in your bible, or a children’s bible, and begin the discussion. Increasing your child’s biblical knowledge will be foundational in their faith development. What a gift to provide a child! Adults also reap the benefit of digging in deeper to these stories.

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Community Touch Charity Golf Tournament

Community Touch, an organization based in Bealeton, is holding its 6th Annual “Holes for the Homeless” golf tournament on May 2 at Fauquier Springs Country Club. Their goal is the raise money to help them provide beds, food and clothes for homeless people in Fauquier County, and to provide tutoring for at-risk kids and life skills for their parents through their Victory Transitional Housing program.

To sign up as a sponsor or participant for the tournament, fill out this form

You can also sponsor one of the 18 holes for the tournament by filling out this form.

VTH is a one year program that offers transitional housing to homeless men, women and children with a broad range of needs. The program helps individuals achieve and sustain a higher quality of life through resources, and various training opportunities. Residents pay off debt, save money and clean up credit while living in the program. Community Touch also operates Clara’s Food Pantry, which feeds the hungry, and Noah’s Ark Outreach, which distributes free furniture and clothing to the less fortunate in our community.

History of Saint James’: Hadow Memorial Tablet, Part II

Readers may recall the previous article in which the memorial tablet to Ian Lindsay Lunsford Hadow was described.  Although Ian was born in England and died there at age 7, his mother was from a Warrenton family and had married an Englishman.  When Ian came from England to stay with his Warrenton grandparents, he was baptized at Saint James’, the family parish.

Fortuitously, fellow parishioner Eileen Burgwyn kindly wrote on March 10 informing of the origin of the quotation on the memorial tablet —

No star is ever lost we once have seen

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Church & School Town Hall Meetings

March 6 & 13 after the 10:15 service

At our annual meeting, Senior Warden, Bill Turnure, used the metaphor of a duck paddling furiously beneath the surface yet calm to the naked eye above. He was describing both our Learning Starts Early initiative as well as the four years of careful planning behind our renovation and expansion.   To that end, the work is paying off as we are inching closer to our goal of breaking ground early next year (2017).

Now we need to integrate your feedback into the project.  Please plan on attending one of our two church and school town hall meetings on Sunday March 6th and 13th following our 10:15 service at noon in the parish hall.   We will review the expansion and renovation plans, answer any questions, solicit feedback and give you time in small groups to discuss your ideas, suggestions, concerns, and enthusiasms.   Refreshments will be provided.

Now serving fair-trade coffee

In a desire to model more responsible consumption and in hopes of providing a more enjoyable coffee, we are starting this Sunday serving fair trade coffee.

Fair Trade partnerships create trade agreements that ensure greater equity in trade, better labor practices, and more sustainable and environmentally friendly farming. Please stop by Café and Coffee Hour and let us know what you think.  We will be “sampling” different coffees over the next few weeks and intend to branch into free trade teas as well.

Also, please consider looking for the “fair trade” label on the coffee or tea you enjoy at home.

History of Saint James’: The Barrys (Part I)

The Ascension Window donated by the Barry Family
The Ascension Window donated by the Barry Family

Seated in the nave, the focus of our worship is the Altar, the Altar Cross, and the great east window depicting the Ascension of Christ.  At the base of the Ascension Window is this inscription:

In memory of my dear Wife, Julia K. Barry

The Barrys

Major and Mrs. Barry were parishioners of Saint James’ Church soon after they came to Fauquier County in 1879 and purchased “Clifton,” a large farm near Warrenton, later renamed “Dunnottar” after the ancient family seat in Scotland.

Mrs. Barry, in whose memory the window was given, was from New York City.  Born Julia Kean Neilson in 1843, she was descended from prominent figures in early American history, including Governor Peter Stuyvesant and Robert Livingston, a Founding Father.  She was the great grand-daughter of General John Neilson and granddaughter of Colonel Nicholas Fish, both officers in the Revolutionary War.

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“Healthy Teeth” Drive for FFDC

Fauquier Free Dental Clinic’s “Healthy Teeth” Drive

In 2015, the Fauquier Free Dental Clinic provided over 2,000 appointments to both adults and children in both Fauquier and Rappahannock counties!

How can Saint James’ help?

Donation of the following items:

  • children’s toothbrushes
  • children’s toothpaste
  • dental floss
  • small items for the Dental Clinic Prize Chest

Students may drop off their donation under the Parish Hall by February 29, 2016

Monetary donations to the Clinic for equipment upgrades are also welcome.

Thanks for your support!

– Fauquier Free Clinic, PO Box 3138, Warrenton, VA // 540-223-4008

Lenten Green Calendar

lent calendar-1 (dragged)

Over the 40 days of Lent, learn about eco-justice (caring for creation and all humans in it) and take action on the issues of waste, energy, water, consumption, and food. Join the Saint James’ Green Team on your Lenten journey by taking this calendar and a mite box, which are available in the Parish Hall. You or your child may choose one thing to take on or give up from the list of actions below compiled by our youth and/or follow the daily devotional adapted from PCUSA Earth Ministries. In our mite box, we will deposit “fines” for not sticking to our chosen discipline or the daily devotional. The boxes will then be collected on Easter Day, and the money designated for a green action.

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Fr. Ben’s Response to the Anglican Primates’ Recent Actions

compass_rose_400While God may have called me to ordained ministry, I have long claimed that there are two core reasons why I am an Episcopal priest.

The first is centered around my experience as a navy brat. On average I moved every two years. I lived in the south, New England, the Pacific Northwest, and even overseas. Regardless where I lived, I belonged to ONE church, each new building or congregation an extension of the other.   The second reason is affirmed in the prayer for the newly baptized. We pray for an “inquiring and discerning heart”.   Our creedal beliefs and our identity as the body of Christ hold us together, but while we may have one head, Jesus Christ, we do not share one mind.

There is no ultimate earthly authority on the myriad of complex issues we face in the world today. We have tools, the three legged stool of scripture, tradition, and reason, our ecclesiastical governance, our common prayer, but we do not have universal consensus or a crib sheet of the church’s stance regarding x, y, and z (for which I am mightily grateful).

Even here at Saint James’ Episcopal Church, as the rector, I still speak only for myself. Our congregation holds as many worldviews, political, social, and theological views as we have members. I revel in the dynamism of our Thursday discussions with the bishop as we share, challenge, and learn from our different perspectives. I also believe when we gather communed by Christ’s grace and love and not by our like mindedness, we stand as a witness to our faith and an icon to the outside world.

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Learning Starts Early, and you can help!

Saint James’ is so excited to launch Learning Starts Early. How can you help grow this ministry? Register as a volunteer for any or all of the three Free Preschool Parent Workshops Saint James’ is helping make possible. 20 volunteers are needed for each session. See a complete description of volunteer opportunities.

lse sjecWhat do children learn in preschool?

Statistics show that on a weekly basis:

  • more than 90 percent of preschool students spend time learning the names of letters and seeing print while reading
  • more than 80 percent practice writing
  • 89 percent work on writing their own names
  • more than 90 percent of preschool
  • students practice counting out loud at
  • least once per week
  • 90 percent use geometric manipulatives.

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Sunday Morning Reflections | January 24


While we will not worship together at Saint James’ this morning, I do invite you to take a moment to pray, to give thanks, and to reflect.

To help you here is a link to this Sunday’s readings.

Here is a link to our Book of Common Prayer.  In the Daily Office you will find Morning Prayer Rite I or Rite II or shorter daily devotions.

And finally, here is a reflection on today’s readings and (since today was to be our annual meeting) on the year that has past :

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No Sunday Services, January 24

Due to the considerable snow expected and a state of emergency declared for Fauquier County, we will not hold Sunday services on January 24.

Fr. Ben will attempt to send a reflection on this weeks readings and a link for morning prayer.

Please keep those who have to work (especially emergency and safety workers) and those who lack adequate shelter and warmth in your prayers.

Also, please check in on neighbors and those in our parish family who live alone to ensure that they are safe and warm.  If any are snowed in and need assistance please call Fr. Ben as parishioners have access to plows, etc…

God bless you and stay warm.