Parish Meeting on July 23, 2017

Hopefully one last parish meeting before we break ground on the expansion building project!

As we file all of the necessary paperwork for us to break ground in early September we need a more specific resolution regarding our financing and collateralizing of our endowment and rectory as conditions of our loan.

Come to church on Sunday July 23rd and cast your vote! We will open the meeting right after the 8am service and will keep the meeting open until after the 10:15 service and ballots can be cast at any time during that window. Please make sure to make it to church that Sunday as this is an important requirement.

2017 Vestry Nominee: Jen Taylor

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My husband, Mike & I have lived in Northern Virginia for 13 years. After growing up in a small upstate New York town, Warrenton quickly felt like home. We currently live in town with our 3 children, Amelia (7), Zachary (5) and Eleanor (2). We are in the process of building a new home just a couple miles away and hope to be moving in the spring! I keep busy being a stay a home mom, volunteering at each of our kids’ 3 schools, traveling to see family & friends (mainly over the summer) to my family’s cottage on Keuka Lake and one of my favorite things to do right now is to run! 

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Summary of Vestry Minutes | November 28, 2016

Treasurer’s Report:

The Endowment went over $1million and Capital Funds also increased. Pledge and plate offerings remain slightly below budget for the year. Expenses are also down and the year is expected to end in the black.

Buildings and Grounds:

Bill Turnure, Senior Warden, and Jody DelSignore, Property Manager, are planning for expected expenses 3-5 years in the future and creating a budget to ensure having the necessary funds available.

Rector’s Report:

Father Ben noted the many activities taking place in and under the sponsorship of St. James’ in November and in preparation for the holidays. He singled out the Episcopal Church School conference in New Orleans where Stacey Irvin, Head of School, was recognized for her work to establish and maintain the vibrant dynamic between church and school at St. James’.

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From Our New Senior Warden, Bill Turnure

We know we are fully entrenched in the new year when the Vestry retreat is behind us and the remainder of the year lies ahead of us. This year’s Vestry, Parish Register and Treasurer along with Fr. Ben and Rev. Lyn had a fulfilling and productive retreat during which we deepened our relationships, oriented the new vestry members, reviewed our efforts from last year and established goals for the upcoming year and beyond.

One important goal we established was to be in better communication with you. One way we are attempting to do that is a commitment to be interactive with as many ministries as possible. The hope is for all of us to truly feel in community. Please note the list of Vestry Liaisons below. These liaisons will be the point of contact for the numerous ministries available here at St. James’. These liaisons will report back to the Vestry on a regular basis so that we can address any needs or concerns of those ministries.

Secondly, we want feedback from you personally. The Vestry asked themselves this question while we were on our retreat, “What do people seek from St. James’? “ Are we providing you with what you are seeking? Can we improve in any areas so that you are getting what you need? Our goal is to be here for you and support you on your spiritual journey. Please reach out to us when you see us in church (we will be getting name tags so you can find us!), email us if you need anything from us or just leave a message with Nancy in the parish office.

As Fr. Ben has detailed for us, there is a lot going on at St. James’ (it is truly an exhaustive list…whew!). Don’t be humble, everyone has a talent to share and we are looking to best utilize your and your families’ gifts to their fullest while we share our faith in God together. Let us hear from you.

God bless you all,


Outreach: Dorothy Smith, Nancy Duggan, and Bob Dart

Parish Life/Hospitality: Patti Reid and Nancy Duggan

Communication/Evangelism: Susan Jefferies

Children and Youth Ministries: Chris Working, Ryan Wilvert, and Kathleen Nevill

Adult Formation: Nancy Duggan

School Board: Kathleen Nevill

Stewardship: George Burgwyn

Audit Committee: Susan Jeffries, George Burgwyn, Bob Dart, and Ann-Rodman Shook

Liturgy/Sunday Ministers: Karla MacKimmie and Bill Turnure