Youth Groups

Middle School Youth Group

“The Middle School Youth Group has been a fun way to hang out with friends, grow in faith and give back to the community.” 


Every young person in grades 6-8 who attends Saint James’ is welcome to be a part of the Middle School Youth Group. Friends are always welcome to attend, and we hope that they will feel encouraged to return!

Middle School Youth Group gathers every other Sunday night for fellowship and fun activities from 5:00 – 6:30pm, ending with dinner together.

We aspire to be a gathering of youth and adult leaders who seek not only to be in community with one another, but also to build community on the foundation of our shared Baptismal Covenant: through proclaiming the good news of God, striving for justice, breaking bread together, and celebrating the dignity of every person.

Youth Group evenings include two components: 1) A faith and life exploration program; 2) Service and fun activities. During the service and fellowship time, youth will plan local service projects and social events. We look to create an environment that is as engaging and inspiring as it is safe for the participants.

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High School Youth Group

“What can I say…it changed my life forever. I wasn’t expecting that to happen.” 

“To see those in need and how I could make a difference in their life was inspirational to me. You go there hoping to help others, but come back and realize that they are the ones who helped me grow, and realize God’s purpose for my life.” 

“[High school youth group] has helped me learn to love myself for who I am, and now I can share that love with others.”

YMO GroupHigh school youth at Saint James’ is a student-led organization of teens who are interested in finding out more about life and having FUN while doing it!! We are high school students who believe in leadership, service, community and building relationships with others.

We meet Sunday evenings to hang out with friends, play games, and talk about stuff that matters to us! Each year we do many fun activities and trips, and every summer we go on our annual Missions Trip for a week!

Some of our trips and activities include: ‘Adventure Bound’ overnight outdoor retreat; hiking; 3 day Ski Trip; Community Service Projects; Our Missions Trip!! Check out our blog to see our most recent trip.

So what are you waiting for?!?! You’ll never know what we are about unless you give it a try!! Grab a friend and come hang out with us!

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Boy Scout Troop 10

“In Troop 10 . . . There’s always room for another scout!”

This quote is stated at the end of every meeting by the circle of boys as they join hands but leave a single opening in the line-up.  This is truly the attitude of the troop, and we invite any St James’ boy age 11 to 18 to come and join in the fun.  As the photo shows, we are a very active troop.  We have weekly meetings and monthly outings that are exciting and appealing to adolescents.

But the activities are “fun with a purpose.”  The aim of the Boy Scouts is to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance through participation in a wide range of outdoor activities, educational programs, and community service.  The merit badge program permits the scout to learn skills and knowledge in over 120 diverse areas.  Some are oriented toward individual development such as camping, hiking, first aid, personal financial management, and physical fitness.  Others give the scout a taste of potential future careers such as Engineering, Farming, Geology, Photography, and Space Exploration, just to name a few.

Scouts also give back to the community.  Service hours are required for rank promotions and Troop 10 has a strong reputation for helping out in Fauquier County.  We volunteer at the annual Special Olympics, bowling and swimming events.  We help with several annual food drives and fund raising activities.  Several of our Eagle scouts projects have reclaimed from the overgrowth the St James’ original church site and cemetery on Baldwin Ridge.  This is now a quiet, peaceful location where you can sit on benches built by the scouts and enjoy the quiet serenity of the woods.

You can find out more about Troop 10 by visiting their website.