CONNECTED Capital Campaign 


APRIL 2, 2017

On April 2nd we will be inviting you to make your pledge to the CONNECTED Capital Campaign.

Between now and Pledge Day, April 2nd, we will be sharing weekly information with you. Be on the lookout for updated building plans and renderings, a closer look at our campaign goal versus actual project costs, and a spotlight on the benefits this project will bring to the church, the school, and our greater Warrenton community.

We are a community CONNECTED!

The mission of the church and school is carried out more purposefully because we are connected.

Community is paramount at Saint James’. Within the church and the school communities, connections run deep. Many church families are or have been affiliated with the school and many school families have discovered the church through their children’s school enrollment. School children participate in church services, and church members volunteer at the school. Monthly service projects are often the result of collaborations between the two entities. We believe it is much more fulfilling to worship, learn, and serve when we know, trust, and love the people by our side.

In addition to our church and school being connected, we are connected to the community beyond our doors. We share our space with local groups like the Boy Scouts, Fauquier Jewish Community, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, People Helping People, and Habitat for Humanity.

We are CONNECTED in growth!

As the ministries of the church and school grow, our space has to grow along with them.

Our church is thriving at a time when nationwide parish enrollment is declining. Sharing space with the school allows the church to reach out and have an impact on children and families that might not be served otherwise.

The school is thriving, too, because of its Christian foundation. The church’s belief in the importance of early childhood education has propelled the school to new heights with its solid preschool and elementary programs emphasizing virtues and academics.

Our church and school are blessed to share the same space. Your April 2nd gift to the CONNECTED Capital Campaign will allow us to renovate our existing space and add more rooms to our current footprint. Together we can relieve the strain of tight quarters and help maintain the integrity of our church and school union. We are so excited to be starting this journey with you.