CONNECTED Capital Campaign | February 12, 2017

Our beautiful, historic, welcoming church will be made even more hospitable with the addition of new handicap parking spaces in the parking lot, permanent ramps, a lift for Parish Hall access, a centrally-located elevator in the new building, and ADA-certified bathroom facilities.

Father Ben shared this remembrance which highlights just one example of how needed and how welcome the planned accessibility upgrades will be:

“The Director of Christian Education from my previous church in Louisville came to church one Sunday. Lauralee wanted to show Ms. Martha her classroom so she led her down the stairs. Ms. Martha has some mobility issues and I forgot how much she had depended upon the elevator in Louisville. As I watched her slowly go down each step backwards, clinging to the rail, and wincing the entire way, I realized that the most formative person in my children’s faith development would hardly be able to teach Sunday school at Saint James’ much less serve as Director of Christian Formation. It was a profound recognition of the need and the fact that it is not just those confined to wheelchairs whose ministries are limited by our space.”

Our exciting renovation plans will open up our spaces to everyone who wants to share in them!

The CONNECTED Capital Campaign will finance:

  • Accessibility upgrades to the church and school including ramps, a lift for Parish Hall access, and an elevator to be located in the new building
  • Dedicated handicap parking in the church parking lot with a new sidewalk and new ramp for ADA access to the renovated building entrance and the new elevator
  • Larger, ADA-compliant bathrooms on the upper and main floor of the church building
  • Sacristy renovation to give our Altar Guild adequate space to prepare for services
  • Vesting Room renovation with new space planned for our Flower Guild
  • Music Wing renovation with adequate space to store robes, music, and instruments
  • Centralized Nursery closer to the sanctuary and with its own bathroom
  • Larger church offices with better organized office and meeting space
  • Renovated Sunday School/Preschool Rooms
  • Elementary School wing with appropriately sized classrooms for grades 1-5 plus additional office space


The CONNECTED Capital Campaign has a website!

Visit for updates on the project status, explanations of the project costs, slides of the most recent architectural drawings, and to watch the Student Speak videos, and read testimonials of support.

** Pledge Day * April 2, 2017 * CONNECT with us. **