CONNECTED Capital Campaign | February 5, 2017

As a church and a school, we strive to be an icon of Christ’s expansive love and care for the world. That love does not set conditions or limits to its reach.

Unfortunately our space does.

In terms of accessibility, available space, and a facility equipped for 21st century ministry, our beautiful grounds fall woefully short.

It has been 50 years since our last major expansion or renovation and it shows.

This artist’s rendering of the Saint James’ Church & School expansion was unveiled at the SJES Gala in October 2016.

The CONNECTED Capital Campaign will finance:

  • Accessibility upgrades to the church including ramps, a lift, and an elevator
  • ADA-compliant bathrooms on the upper and main floor of the church building
  • Sacristy renovation to give our Altar Guild adequate space to prepare for services
  • Vesting Room renovation with new space planned for our Flower Guild
  • Music Wing renovation with adequate space to store robes, music, and instruments
  • Centralized Nursery closer to the sanctuary and with its own bathroom
  • Larger church offices with better organized office and meeting space
  • Renovated Sunday School/Preschool Rooms
  • Elementary School wing with appropriately sized classrooms for grades 1-5 plus additional office space

The CONNECTED Capital Campaign will build the foundation for Saint James’ to be a relevant and vital force for good for countless people yet to enter our doors. The accessibility upgrades –most especially the planned elevator – will ensure our church is a welcoming place for all members of the Warrenton community. Just imagine the transformative connections waiting to be made.

Two hundred years ago a faithful few stepped out and established Saint James’ Episcopal Church here in Warrenton.

One hundred and fifty years later, another generation boldly added an educational wing with little idea of the connections that would be sewn.

In 2017 the church and school are alive and bustling 7 days a week.

Now is our time.

Join us on Pledge Day, April 2nd, and CONNECT to the future!