CONNECTED Capital Campaign: What Makes SJES Unique

Our church and our school are truly CONNECTED.

Saint James’ Episcopal School’s first fifth grade graduation in May, 2015 was a monumental achievement for our community. What in 2010 had been just a dream had become a reality. This dream made manifest was realized in no small part thanks to the unwavering support of the Church.

Our Church and School continue to remain extremely intentional in their interconnectedness and this is why both entities continue to thrive. As an Episcopal School, we are the Church’s largest, most vibrant, and most closely connected ministry.

Today, SJES houses 209 students in preschool through fifth grade. Our new applications are continuing to come in for 2017-2018 and we continue to attract families looking for a special place for their child to grow -both academically and spiritually.

What does Saint James’ offer that cannot be found elsewhere?

As an Episcopal School, it is our Christian formation that distinguishes us and serves as a critical component in how we nurture the whole child. During this most critical time in a child’s moral, social, and spiritual development, we believe that all children benefit from the realization that they are a beloved child of God with the potential to positively change the lives of others by the choices they make and the course they set for themselves.

Our Episcopal identity gives our students a great school and an accepting place where they can put one spiritual foot in front of the other. No matter how the landscape of our town and county changes, SJES’s graceful and inclusive approach to each student is something that will remain constant.

Our CONNECTED Capital Campaign will allow us to realize our practical, prudent, and thoughtful plan for our physical space.

Our elementary students will have adequate space for learning. Our preschoolers will once again be clustered together on the main floor. The music wing renovations will mean our students will gain plenty of room for music and movement, chorus, and chorale.

The accessibility upgrades in both the church and the school will provide easier mobility for students, families with young children, as well as for friends and relatives visiting the School, Church and Parish Hall.

Most importantly the planned classroom wing will remain physically connected to our current building. The renovated spaces and new build will allow our Church to continue as the backbone of our School, and will allow our School to continue to thrive as the most vital mission of our Church.

Visit the CONNECTED Campaign website! for updates on the project status, explanations of the project costs, slides of the most recent architectural drawings, and to watch the Student Speak videos and read testimonials of support.

Pledge Day is April 2 .. Now is our time!

Making a Gift to the CONNECTED Capital Campaign


What does “Pledge Day – April 2, 2017” mean?

  • “Pledge Day – April 2, 2017” is the day we will hand out the pledge cards to everyone and also the day we will collect the pledge cards.

Can I take my pledge card home on April 2nd and think about my gift?

  • Of course you can, but our hope and desire is that all pledge cards will be filled out and handed in on the same day – Pledge Day, April 2, 2017. The weeks leading up to April 2nd will highlight aspects of the capital campaign and allow time for individuals to consider their gift.

I will not be in church on April 2nd. Can I pledge before then?

  • Sure you can, but we would rather you wait until we have a chance to fully inform you of the need for the project, the ways the renovations and new build will enhance our mission and ministry, and how your gift can make a difference in the lives of so many in our community. These next few weeks counting down to Pledge Day will be your opportunity to prayerfully reflect on what Saint James’ means to you. Each week we will provide new information for you to consider as you discern your level of support.

I will not be in church on April 2nd. Can I pledge after that date?

  • Absolutely! We hope you will. Pledge Cards will be available after April 2nd. Remember: The sooner the pledges cards are filled out, returned, and tallied, the sooner we can we can understand where we are financially. A quick turnaround will allow us to move forward in the best possible financial position.

What are the different ways I can make my gift to the CONNECTED Capital Campaign?

  • You can make a gift of cash or stock and take up to 3 years to complete your pledge. In addition, you can make a planned/estate gift to the Saint James’ endowment -a great option for someone whose enthusiasm for the project cannot be matched in current dollars. A planned/estate gift that is declared and documented will benefit the capital campaign by ensuring the long-term financial security of our church and school which, in turn, makes it much easier for the vestry to make informed financial decisions.

How long do I have to complete my pledge?

  • You have 3 years to complete your pledge.

Can’t I just write a check now and be finished with my gift?

  • You can absolutely make a lump sum payment; however, the three year option often allows for a more generous gift. For example, a $1,000 lump sum could be turned into a $500/year gift over 3 years or $1,500 – a 50% larger contribution. The campaign wins because the donation is larger and the donor wins because the immediate gift is smaller than the lump sum.

How can I make my payment?

  • Cash, checks payable to “Saint James’ CONNECTED” and credit card payments will all be accepted. Stock donations and IRA withdrawals will be handled by the Saint James’ business office. For credit card/online payments we will be using a service called “Network for Good” which will allow you to input your payment information and will remind you when your credit card is near its expiration date. With Network for Good you will also have the option to cover the cost of the credit card transaction fees which will otherwise be charged to Saint James’ – and thereby deducted from your payment amount – every time a credit card payment is made to Saint James’. Network For Good will let you decide if you want your overall gift reduced by those recurring transaction fees, or whether you will cover those fees and allow Saint James’ to use your entire gift towards the renovations and new build. Online payments will be accepted starting April 2nd

Can I pay monthly? Weekly?

  • Sure! You will have the option to fulfill your pledge annually, monthly, or even weekly. Just remember that each credit card payment incurs a transaction fee that Saint James’ will have to pay, so monthly charges would allow more of your donation to stay with Saint James’ than weekly charges would because there would be fewer fees.

How will my gift be recognized? Can I make a memorial gift? An anonymous gift? What about naming opportunities?

  • Your gift may be made in your name, in memory of a loved one, or may be made anonymously. You can indicate your choice on the pledge card. If you are considering a special gift, we have many meaningful ways to honor someone or perpetuate a family name. For a current list of available naming opportunities, please contact our Campaign Manager, Hali Barbeau, at