CONNECTED Capital Campaign: Spotlight on our Endowment

We are CONNECTED in our future.

Two hundred years ago our founding parishioners understood that their dreams could only grow from a church set on a solid foundation of support. Legacy donations to the Saint James’ Endowment serve to keep our beautiful, historic church alive and vital for future generations.


Our relatively new Endowment hopes to become like the older buildings on our campus—sustaining a myriad of ministries and increasing in value over time. And yet often the Endowment goes unnoticed, just as we take our buildings for granted at times– rushing about from the parking lot through the doors, from the nave into the Parish Hall, and from classrooms to the playground. The Endowment funds are invested to provide an annual stream of income to the church, but the principal is never touched.

Our goal is to grow our Endowment in the coming years from its present value of just over $1 million dollars to $4 million dollars, and drawing upon a percentage of that corpus for the perpetuation of Saint James’ and our beautiful grounds. Part of the burden that will be inevitably placed upon the endowment is the continued financing of this long overdue capital project. Even as we have pared down the project to our core needs it is still anticipated to cost $500,000 more than our fundraising goal of $2.245 million which was established by our consultant’s feasibility study.

Therefore, a secondary goal of this campaign is to grow our endowment or future planned gifts to our endowment by $500,000. A commitment to the endowment can be in addition to your three year pledge to the campaign. For those unable to make a significant commitment to the campaign, this is another way to ensure a bright future for Saint James’.

There are many ways to make a gift to our Endowment, both now and through estate planning. Your gift can be made in honor of or in memory of a loved one. These are gifts that keep on giving, benefitting generations to come. Please pick up the Endowment brochure for details, and if you have any questions, ask for a meeting with a member of the Endowment Committee.

Also, the endowment committee has completed its work on “The Omega File”, a comprehensive inventory of all that a loved one would need to know about your end of life intentions, from your funeral arrangements to your financial accounts, trusts, and wills.

Download the Confidential Estate Gift Declaration Form (“The Omega File”)

Visit the CONNECTED Capital Campaign’s website:

…to read about Tom Moore, whose generous bequest provided the lead gift for the CONNECTED Capital Campaign, and to hear why our own Ninie Laing has made Saint James’ a part of her estate plans.

Pledge Day – April 2, 2017 – Now is our time.