Support Learning Starts Early on Give Local Piedmont Day

On May 1, Give Local Piedmont day, please click here and donate generously to Saint James’ Learning Starts Early, a pioneering program to support preschool education in Fauquier County. Contributions are tax deductible.

Preschool education is the gateway to success in kindergarten and beyond. Numerous studies have found that children lacking preschool training, many — but not all — from low-income families, are more likely to struggle in school, over time increasing the likelihood discipline problems, unwanted pregnancies and incarceration. The cost to society is staggering.

Three years ago, Saint James’ Outreach Committee vowed to support preschool education in Fauquier County in a way that has impact and is measurable. Since 2015:

    • Seven students have received scholarships to Saint James’ award-winning preschool program, representing an investment of $25,782.
    • More than 15 volunteers from Saint James’ spent 60 hours reading to boys and girls at Head Start.
    • Head Start received $6,250 from Learning Starts Early to purchase easels, books and a digital white board. LSE won a grant from the PATH Foundation for Head Start performances by noted music educator Peter McCory.
    • Learning Starts Early hosted a series of forums for parents of at-risk preschoolers, alerting them to the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI), the state and county program for preschool education.
    • VPI in Fauquier grew from one class of 18 students in 2015 to five classes serving 80 students today.
    • LSE bought a $3,150 translation system to bring preschool education in VPI classrooms to those students for whom English is a second language.

The important work of Learning Starts Early has been funded by donations and the successful Gobble, Gobble Run or Wobble 5K run every November. Six hundred forty seven runners, walkers and sponsors have brought in $18,218 since the first run in 2015.

On Give Local Piedmont Day, please visitplease click here and donate generously to Learning Starts Early to support Saint James’ program to expand preschool education in Fauquier County. A portion of every contribution will be matched by a $100,000 contribution from the PATH Foundation.