Green Team Update: Response to Leaving the Paris Climate Agreement

For all of us, our country’s departure from the Paris Climate Agreement was deeply disturbing. Responses however, have included some very positive suggestions which focus on the fact that we, as Americans and Christians, believe that individuals are empowered to act. Please consider the following ways to respond:

— We pray because the Earth is God’s creation, and it is in His hands. The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church made the following statement. A number of Episcopal Church bishops have also issued a joint statement.

— We work ever harder on our individual efforts to reduce our use of resources and our production of carbon dioxide.

— We join and support (both financially and with our time) those groups that work for sustainability. Virginia has joined the U. S. Climate Alliance; consider voicing your support for this action.

— We support the advancement of research in STEM in our universities -perhaps earmarking donations to our alma maters – and research facilities.

— We never forget those who lose homes and livelihood due to climate change.

— We never forget those who lose jobs from change in technology and who need support and education.

Your feedback is welcome:

Featured photo via United Nations Photo on Flickr.