Holy Week 2016

We encourage you to commit to attending as many of our Holy Week services as you are able. They dramatically walk us through Jesus’ last days and allow us to more fully enter the story and receive the love poured out for us. The experience of Holy Week also adds to the richness, joy, and bounding hope of Easter.

Palm Sunday | 8am & 10:15am

This service stands out for its dramatic and abrupt transition from the joy of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem to his arrest and death upon the cross. His entry is celebrated with the waving of palms in procession (at 8am from the back of the church, at 10:15 from the parking lot). During the liturgy of the Word we read the Passion in parts and conclude with Jesus being laid in the tomb.

Maundy Thursday | 7pm

Eucharist with foot washing and the stripping of the altar.

There is heaviness in the air as Jesus gathers his closest friends with the knowledge this will be the last meal they will share together on this side of the grave.   We also remember that on this night Jesus washed his friends feet and to illustrate his new commandment that we love one another the way that he had loved them. Then after we break bread together for the last time before Easter, we acknowledge Christ’s impending death by stripping the altar and departing in silence.

Good Friday | Stations of the Cross, 12pm &  Good Friday Liturgy 7pm

At noon we gather in the nave and tell the story of Christ’s crucifixion as an acolyte moves from station to station as we read and respond to each event. FAIR WARNING: The readings for each station are distributed to members of the congregation prior to the beginning of the service.
Our poignant 7pm service begins in silence and includes a reading of the Passion according to John, solemn prayer, and then the veneration of the cross.

Holy Saturday Easter Vigil | Saturday 8pm

Possibly the most beautiful service of the church year, the Easter Vigil begins outside in our courtyard with the kindling of a fire from which the paschal candle is lit. From that candle each person lights their candle as the service begins in darkness. While still in the tomb we read of God’s saving work throughout history. We then enter the sacrament of baptism and as we are pulled from that watery grave, we reign in Easter with the setting and adornment of the altar, lighting the altar candles, organ fanfare, and illuminating the worship area before we celebrate that first Easter Eucharist. The service actually takes us from death to new life and we really experience that Easter moment.   If you have not been to the Vigil, please consider making it your Easter celebration. Also, following the service, Lent is officially over, we will celebrate with a champagne and chocolate reception in the parish hall.

Easter Sunday | 8am and 10:15am

Come celebrate Easter Day with us, the high-point of the church year! Having completed our journey and walked through the sorrow of Holy Week, we now come ready to experience Easter joy. Our 10:15 service begins with the children flowering the cross and following behind it in procession. The joyful music fills the space as we tell the story of the empty tomb and the reverberations of that moment through out history and in our lives. Following the service our children will continue the celebration as they search for Easter eggs.