Learning Group Update: October 7, 2018

The Way of Love

Session 4: Pray


Reflect on “Learn”

  • What’s been working well with your Learn practice? What hasn’t been working well?
  • What has surprised you about your Learn practice?
  • Name a gift that your practice has given you this week.


Jesus teaches us to come before God with humble hearts, boldly offering our thanksgivings and concerns to God or simply listening for God’s voice in our lives and in the world. Whether in thought, word or deed, individually or corporately, when we pray, we dwell in God’s loving presence.

Questions for Discussion

  • What is your favorite way to pray?
  • Share a story of how prayer has impacted your life.
  • Which person of the Trinity do you most often address in your prayers?
  • In the story of the boy Samuel, he confuses the voice of God with the voice of Eli. Have you ever mistaken God’s voice for someone else’s? Or, have you heard God through the words of others?
  • What does “God’s loving presence” look like in your life? Or what could it look like?
  • How can you foster silence and receptivity to God in your life?
  • What intentional prayer practices center you in God’s presence, so you can hear, speak, or simply dwell with God? How do you invite God to dwell in you? If you don’t know about intentional prayer practices, where could you get more information? 
  • What stands in the way of a more active and consistent prayer life? What are simple (or not so simple) changes you can make to be more present to God throughout your day?

Practicing the Way of Love

Some recommendations for “Pray”
  1. Set aside five to ten minutes of uninterrupted time each day for prayer.
  2. Spend five to ten minutes each day in silence to enjoy God’s presence.
  3. Pray the same prayer for ten minutes each day to focus your thoughts on God.
  4. Write an original prayer, as if it were a letter to God.
  5. You might list a practice you are already engaged in that gives life to you.
Practicing the Way of Love


Practicing WoL #4
Forms of Prayer


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Daily Devotions for Week 4


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