Margy Eastham’s Reflection on Saint James’

It would not be possible for me to tell you about my experience within these walls without including each and every one of you. I have grown up in the Saint James’ community, and been fortunate to call this church a second home. It has been a place where I have found clarity in my life – Ben and Lyn have conveyed a perpetual sense of both comfort and peace in the most difficult of times.

While I could tell you about any number of experiences during my time at Saint James’, one comes to mind that is perhaps most familiar. After a horseback riding accident nearly a year ago, I was flown to Fairfax INOVA Hospital, where I was committed to ICU care for nearly two weeks. Distraught does not begin to describe my family in light of our sudden move to a hospital room. Within hours, Ben was there, providing support when my family had more questions than answers.

In the weeks that followed, my Saint James’ family was in my hospital room, bringing meals to our home, praying each Sunday, and checking in constantly. The outpouring of love was almost exhausting – but something I would not trade for the world. I am constantly reminded of the love and support I found in a time of need – something that sustained my family through a most difficult time.

As we enter into this season of gratitude and giving, I ask you not to forget about the family you have here. Saint James’ has been an incredible force in my life, as I am confident it has been in yours. Much is at work within these walls, and I invite you to be a part of it.