Bishop Gulick Visits the 5th Grade

Bishop Ted Gulick joined the Fifth Grade religious education class taught by his wife Barbara Gulick as they learn about the history of the Church. Bishop Ted chanted the Lord’s Prayer in Latin and explained the Bishop’s garments from the middle ages.

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From Our New Senior Warden, Bill Turnure

We know we are fully entrenched in the new year when the Vestry retreat is behind us and the remainder of the year lies ahead of us. This year’s Vestry, Parish Register and Treasurer along with Fr. Ben and Rev. Lyn had a fulfilling and productive retreat during which we deepened our relationships, oriented the new vestry members, reviewed our efforts from last year and established goals for the upcoming year and beyond.

One important goal we established was to be in better communication with you. One way we are attempting to do that is a commitment to be interactive with as many ministries as possible. The hope is for all of us to truly feel in community. Please note the list of Vestry Liaisons below. These liaisons will be the point of contact for the numerous ministries available here at St. James’. These liaisons will report back to the Vestry on a regular basis so that we can address any needs or concerns of those ministries.

Secondly, we want feedback from you personally. The Vestry asked themselves this question while we were on our retreat, “What do people seek from St. James’? “ Are we providing you with what you are seeking? Can we improve in any areas so that you are getting what you need? Our goal is to be here for you and support you on your spiritual journey. Please reach out to us when you see us in church (we will be getting name tags so you can find us!), email us if you need anything from us or just leave a message with Nancy in the parish office.

As Fr. Ben has detailed for us, there is a lot going on at St. James’ (it is truly an exhaustive list…whew!). Don’t be humble, everyone has a talent to share and we are looking to best utilize your and your families’ gifts to their fullest while we share our faith in God together. Let us hear from you.

God bless you all,


Outreach: Dorothy Smith, Nancy Duggan, and Bob Dart

Parish Life/Hospitality: Patti Reid and Nancy Duggan

Communication/Evangelism: Susan Jefferies

Children and Youth Ministries: Chris Working, Ryan Wilvert, and Kathleen Nevill

Adult Formation: Nancy Duggan

School Board: Kathleen Nevill

Stewardship: George Burgwyn

Audit Committee: Susan Jeffries, George Burgwyn, Bob Dart, and Ann-Rodman Shook

Liturgy/Sunday Ministers: Karla MacKimmie and Bill Turnure

Ministry of the Month

Food for Friends
This ministry focuses on serving the nutritional needs of people in our community. Two projects that are presently in need of volunteers assist the Fauquier Community Food Bank. It opens early on the third Saturday of each month and St. James’ has volunteers that cook and wrap a couple of hundred ham, egg and cheese sandwiches for delivery to the Food Bank. Please contact Greg Arthaud if interested in helping at In addition, St James’ has offered to fill the volunteer needs on Wednesdays to assist the client with shopping or stocking the shelves. The goal is to have enough people on the list that an individual only needs to volunteer every 4 to 6 weeks. Please contact Susan Jeffries or Sonia Douty if you interested: or

Directory quarterly supplements

Directory quarterly supplements are now available on the table outside of the parish hall. Please take a sheet and add it to your current directory. If you would like to have your families information added or corrected, please contact Nancy in the church office to give her the information or pictures. Next update will come out in July.   

Lenten Women’s Retreat 

Saturday, March 14th 10am-2pm
Join us for an opportunity to spend time together: in quiet, in prayer, in conversation. We will be ordering sandwiches and wraps. Please indicate your choice of sandwich and sweet when you register with Nancy and/or on the registration board. The menu is on the registration board outside the parish hall. Cost: $10 per person, includes lunch. Location: 256 Hinson’s Ford Rd, Amissville, VA 20186

Wednesdays in Lent: Identifying our spiritual selves

This Wednesday we will delve into enneagrams, a typology of nine interconnected personality types.  This is a very helpful instrument in learning more about you personality and your spiritual gifts and needs.   We will take the inventory on Wednesday or you can take a simple online test in advance  Following, the program we will be joined by talented musicians as we celebrate a celtic service at 7 pm.  


St. Hilda’s March Meeting: Fauquier Hospital Pet Therapy 

The March Meeting for Saint Hilda’s will be Monday, the 9th with a business meeting at 2:00 and our program at 2:30pm. We are pleased to have Sheryl Vallrath, Facilitator/Director of the Fauquier Hospital Pet Therapy Program and Bettyann Senf, Pet Handler: as well as, Simon, a Jack Russell Terrier and Silver, the Mini-horse as our guests. They will inform us about the Pet Therapy Program in Fauquier County. All interested parties are invited.

Saint Hilda’s Meets March 8 @2pm

The March Meeting for Saint Hilda’s will be on the 9th with a business meeting at 2:00 and our program at 2:30pm.  We are pleased to have Sheryl Vallrath, Facilitator/Director of the Fauquier Hospital Pet Therapy Program  and Bettyann Senf, Pet Handler: as well as, Simon, a Jack Russell Terrier and Silver, the Mini-horse as our guests. They will inform us about the Pet Therapy Program in Fauquier County. All interested parties are invited.


Requiem Mass March 15th

Requiem Mass March 15th Mark your Calendars for March 15th when the Adult Choir will be incorporating Neil Harmon’s Requiem, into the 10:15AM service.  Harmon’s composition combines Latin and English and utilizes a ten-piece chamber ensemble! Come and enjoy this musical treat in the midst of Lent.

Newcomers’ Luncheon at the Rectory – March15

Are you new, or relatively new to Saint James? We would love to know you better. You are invited to a luncheon at the rectory (next to the church) on Sunday, March 15 at 12 noon.  Come to eat, come with your questions and comments, come to meet clergy, members of the vestry, and other friendly folk, and come to check out the rectory. Please RSVP Nancy at the church office. 540 347-4342


This Week at Saint James’

Friday-Saturday, February 28 – March 1
YOLO Ski Trip! 

Sunday, March 1
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I
8:30am Café Breakfast
9:15am Adult Choir
9:30am Jr. Choir
9:30am Adult Bible Study
10:00am Sunday School
10:15am Holy Eucharist Rite II
11:30am Coffee Hour

Monday, March 2
8:00am Men’s Spiritual Formation
6:30pm ECW Meets!  

Tuesday, March 3
10:30am Women’s Study Group
3:45pm Youth Chorale
7:00pm Handbells Rehearse
7:00pm Stephen Ministries

Wednesday, March 4
8:30am Women’s Spiritual formation
12:00pm Noon Eucharist
5:30 Soup Supper
6:15 Lenten Program

Thursday, March 5
7:15am Chapel with the Bishop
7:00pm Adult Choir Rehearsal

Saturday, March 7
7:30am Men of Saint James’ 

Sunday, March 8
8:00am Holy Eucharist Rite I
8:15am Café Breakfast
9:15am Adult Choir
9:30am Jr. Choir
8:30am Adult Bible Study
10:00am Sunday School
10:15am Holy Eucharist Rite II
11:30am Coffee Hour
5:00pm Middle School Youth
6:30pm High School Youth

To view a printable PDF of this week’s News click here: 26FebNews2015FxLng

Wednesdays in Lent

Wednesdays in Lent. Our theme will be “Identifying our spiritual selves”. Soup suppers start at 5:30pm and are followed by a program at 6:15pm. This Wednesday we will continue to look at our Myers Briggs Personality Types and discuss how they affect our ministry choices, our desired worship and spiritual experiences, our connection to God and scripture, as well as how we work within our ministry groups.  If you did not discover your personality type this Wednesday, please contact the parish office for a copy of an inventory and description of personality types.  We will also introduce enneagrams as another tool for spiritual self discovery.

Note : There will not be a service following our program this week, but on March 11th we will have a 7pm Celtic Service.

As you consider your Lenten disciplines this year, I encourage you to take on participation in our Wednesday program as well as our Men’s retreat (March 20-21) and Women’s Lenten retreat (March 14).  I do find that the more commitment I give to this season the more fully the events of Holy Week and Easter shape my life.

Women’s Spring Retreat Saturday, March 14


Women’s Spring Retreat

When: March 14, 10am -2pm.

An opportunity to spend time together: in quiet, in prayer, in conversation. We will be ordering sandwiches and wraps from Renee’s Gourmet to Go Please indicate your choice of sandwich and sweet when you register with Nancy and/or on the registration board The menu is on the registration board outside the parish hall.

Location: 256, Hinson’s Ford Rd, Amissville, VA 20186

Cost: $10 per person, includes lunch

Please register with Nancy at the office:
Nancy Kincheloe or phone 540 347 4342

Men’s Lenten Retreat

Men’s Lenten Retreat- Friday evening-Saturday afternoon, March 2021. This will be our second annual overnight gathering at Airlie.  Our guest leader is Fr. Andrew Merrow, rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Arlington and one of the most respected and accomplished priests in our Diocese. His topic is “Growing into the Full Stature of Christ.” As requested by last years’s retreatants,  we will have time for small group discussion of the topics and questions raised in the large group, and there will also be time for quiet and personal reflection. If you came last year, you know how enjoyable this time together is; if you were not able to attend last year, talk to one of the 24 men who did.
The adult education budget is covering the costs of our guest leader, and Airlie is giving us a discounted price of $140, which includes: 3 delicious meals, including wine with dinner; comfortable single occupancy rooms; refreshments all day in our dedicated meeting space; all gratuities included; and Airlie’s spacious and beautiful grounds to walk over.   ​If you have any questions or if you need financial assistance, please speak with Fr. Ben. ​We want as many men to come as possible. Please contact Nancy in the office if you would like to attend or sign up on the bulletin board in the hall.WdPndWmnsRtrt2014

Men’s Club March 16

Men’s Club March 16 Warrenton urologist Brian DeCastro will discuss men’s health issues at the Saint James’ Men’s Club Wednesday, March 16 at7 pm in the Parish Hall. Dr. DeCastro, board certified in urology, was formerly chief of urology at Winn Army Community Hospital, Ft. Stewart, GA.


Upcoming Classes:

Upcoming Classes:
New to Saint James’ and want to learn about the Episcopal Church? 

Want to join the Episcopal Church (be received or confirmed)?  

Looking to brush up on your Episcopal knowledge or renew your commitment?

We will begin our Episcopalianism (sure it’s a word) 101 Class on Wednesday, April 15th at 7pm.  The classes will last six weeks (until Wednesday May 20th).

The Bishop of the Diocese of Virginia, The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston will make his pastoral visit to Saint James’ Episcopal Church on May, 31st.    Bishop Johnston will be on sabbatical in the fall when he would normally visit and has asked for this spring date.

Bishop Gulick will visit sometime in the Fall to confirm our middle schoolers who have been integrating their confirmation instruction into their youth group meetings.  Those unable to make the May 31st date may also be confirmed or received in the fall.

Please let our parish administrator, Nancy  know before April 15th if you are interested in taking the class, being received or confirmed or renew your baptismal covenant on May 31st (or learning more about confirmation and reception).

Women’s Study Group


Women’s Study group. On Tuesday, February 24 from 10:30 to noon we will begin the first of a five week Lenten study. Ninie Laing will share her experience as an art historian and Lyn Youll Marshall will guide the discussion as we look at the life of Christ through art. We will consider how Christ has been depicted through the ages, and ask what it tells us about our history and about the artist.  How does an artist represent God and man? Can art lead us into worship of God? Are there images that resonate with us in this season of Lent? All women are welcome. Please call Nancy at the office for further information @ 540-347-4342 or Lyn @

Outreach Corner

School & Church March Community Service Project: Fauquier Health Pediatric Rehabilitation Services Adults aren’t the only ones who need rehabilitation therapy to maximize their physical, mental and social abilities. Some children and adolescents also need specialized services to build strength, achieve their functional potential, and develop the skills they need at home, at school and within their communities. . Fauquier Health Pediatric Rehabilitation Services is in need of the following items for its two locations: New paper, markers, crayons, bubbles, balls, board games, puzzles, books, toys and dolls (no stuffed animals please.) Items can be left in the marked box in the Parish Hall stage.

Saint James’ Builds is a group of dedicated volunteers from our parish
who get together to help fix the homes of needy people. The group has a new project that
they hope to be working on March 1st. For more information email Dorothy Smith at:

Blood Drive: Thanks to over 30 some Saint James’ Parishioners and members of the School Community who helped with the drive and who gave blood!

The Fauquier Food Coalition needs our help!  Because of the extreme cold weather, volunteers cannot collect food donations outside of the Giant grocery store.  They are asking us to bring food to the Warrenton Methodist Church by Friday, February 20, at 2pm.  Besides food
they are also asking for winter clothes, paper towels, tissues and toilet paper as well. Tell a neighbor or friend, too!  Together we can help!  Thank you.

Soroti Sponsors Members of Saint James’ have taken on the responsibility of supporting the educational goals of young girl students in Uganda. The financial commitment is usually for a few years, but some share that responsibility within a group of additional parishioners. Sponsors correspond with their students and often achieve a life-long connection. This is a wonderful global Outreach endeavor! For more information contact Wayne or Caren Eastham at:540-253-5633or email them at:

Saint James’ Episcopal School

It’s admission time at Saint James’ Episcopal School (SJES)! Did you know as a pledging parishioner of this Church you receive priority registration? Call the School office for more information at 540-347-3855. Admission opened to the public on February 1. Couldn’t make our open house? Visit the school any Wednesday while in session at 9:30am for Walk in Wednesdays. You may also schedule a tour at your convenience by calling the Office. For more admission information, see the School website at

Saint James’ looks forward to 200 years!

 In anticipation of the 200th  anniversary of Saint James’ Church in Warrenton (18162016), the History Committee will delve into parish archives and other sources and bring to light choice bits of history to inform and perhaps entertain parishioners, starting now and continuing into our bicentennial year 2016.

Here is the fifth essay in the series:

A look back…Saint James’ Episcopal Church 1816-2016

The Reverend James Keith

First Rector of Hamilton Parish


It is useful to review briefly the origins of our parish, which take us back to 1730 when the parish was established and named for Lord George Hamilton, appointed Governor of Virginia by King William III  Saint James’ is the third parish church of Hamilton Parish, preceded by the earlier churches at Elk Run and Turkey Run.  Fauquier County, created in 1759 during the reign of George II, was named for Francis Fauquier, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. In 1730, Hamilton Parish covered a vast area; today, the parish encompasses about 140 square miles in central Fauquier County.


At Saint James’ Church, on the chancel’s east wall, the reader’s attention is invited to a memorial tablet which reads:

To The Glory of God
and in memory of
of Peterhead, Scotland
16- -1751
First minister of Hamilton Parish
This Tablet is Erected by
His Descendants on the 200th Anniversary
of the Formation of the Parish
May 1930


Remembrances of a Parishioner Spanning over 300 Years 

The late Jack Keith (John A. C. Keith 1907-1987), a descendant of the first minister, and a member of Saint James’ Church wrote, in his retirement, a series of essays on the history of the Keith family, recalling stories and memories passed down through the generations, and drawing on old family letters and diaries.  An excerpt follows:
“My own memory does not begin with my birth in 1907, but goes back vicariously to the 1680s when Parson Keith was born in Aberdeenshire (Scotland).  My father, who was born in 1870, was raised in the home of his grandmother.  That lady, born in 1800 and living until 1887 lived through stirring times and was blessed with a reliable imagination and an excellent memory.
“She was intimate with her mother-in-law, and an aunt who, born in 1776, lived to be almost 100.  This remarkable woman had lived in the house with her mother-in-law, Mary Isham-Randolph, who was born about 1700 and married Parson Keith.  In the twilight evenings of long ago I listened while the old people talked.
“… after his (Keith’s) arrival in Virginia, it is not possible to get a chronological account of Parson Keith’s life.  We know that he was rector of old St. John’s Church in what is now Richmond, the edifice made famous by (Patrick) Henry’s ‘Give me liberty or give me death’ speech.
“When Hamilton Parish was formed in 1730, he became its first rector (probably in 1733).  He is also supposed to have served in Maryland and in Dettingen Parish in Prince William County, but no dates are given.
“He was in Hamilton Parish for nigh onto 20 years and at his death was buried under the altar of Elk Run Church, said to be a cruciform edifice, gone long since.  Bishop Meade, in his ‘Old Churches and Families of Virginia’, published in 1860, calls the Parson a good man, while other later historians allege he was casual in carrying out his duties.
“He must, at least, have been well educated as his daughter was able to give good instruction to her son, the future Chief Justice John Marshall.  Senator Beveridge, in his definitive life of John Marshall, credits the latter’s genius to the brilliance of his Randolph/Keith blood combined with the steadiness of the Yomen Marshalls.  (Note:  James Keith married Mary Isham Randolph, daughter of Thomas Randolph of Tuckahoe on the upper James River, the most important family in that part of Virginia.)
“A ghost story of which mother kept a longhand account in her Bible in which Mrs. DuPont-Lee tells in her ‘Virginia Ghosts’ may be recounted briefly here.
“As a student in Aberdeen, Parson Keith’s best friend was a youth named Fraser.  They were very intimate and discussed all manner of things, including the reality of God and life hereafter.
“They had many doubts, and agreed that the first one who died, if he found there was an afterlife, would return to tell his friend.  The story goes that Fraser went out to India to serve the Honorable Company and Keith came to Virginia.
“In his old age, Parson Keith employed a housekeeper, Mrs. MacCloud.  One day she went to milk the cows and a man in elaborate military dress appeared before her, told her who he was, that there was a life hereafter and to tell her master that he would die soon.
“She was frightened and did not tell her master.  A few days later the same officer appeared in an apparition telling her to give his message to her master as time was running out.  This time she did so.  Parson Keith recognized the description as his old friend.  He put his affairs in order and died soon after.”

Members of the Keith family continue to live in Fauquier County and are communicants of Saint James’ Church.  Additional material on Parson Keith is available in other sources, e.g., his birth date (not shown on the memorial tablet) is given as 1697.






November 2014

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