The Next Firewood Ministry Split, Stack and Delivery Day is December 10


Thank you to Rick Miller, Jody Del Signore, Lynn Ward, and the Borgstrom boys for delivering much needed wood to five families throughout Fauquier County last Saturday!

The Wood Ministry has identified eight families thus far that are in dire need of wood for heating of their homes this winter. We’ve been working hard for several months to split and stack wood for these winter deliveries, and we have depleted the stored wood from the upper site.

We are planning our next big split / stack / delivery date on Saturday morning, December 10 from 9-11 at the Warrenton Collection site.


We will be delivering wood to local families in teams as well as replenishing the pallets with freshly split wood, so there is a job for everyone! If you have a pick-up truck or trailer that can be used to deliver wood, we want to hear from you! Mark your calendars now and plan to join us!

Please contact Colin Borgstrom at 540-270-3285 (cell – call or text) or via email at to let us know you are coming so we can ensure the right amount of tools are available that morning.