Notes on Chapter 4: The Heart of Christianity

Learning More about Christianity

We are currently using The Heart of Christianity, by Marcus Borg, in our adult formation learning groups. I am very excited about this book and the meaningful faith conversations that it invites!


Quotes and Questions for Chapter 2, “God: The Heart of Reality”

Quote from Page 62

Central to understanding the question of God in the modern world is the notion of “worldview.” Our worldview is our image of reality – our image or picture or understanding of what is real and what is possible. …For most of us, our worldview is a mixture of elements internalized from our culture’s worldview and the worldview of a religious tradition. Unlike people in most premodern societies, we often have conflicts in our worldview. …Our worldview is not only our image of reality, but also a lens through which we see reality. …Our worldview shapes our sense of what is real.

Conversation Question
  1. What is your worldview?

Quote from Page 72

So, what meaning or content can we give to personal language for God? Whatever God is ultimately like, our relationship to God is personal. …I am persuaded that God has more the quality of a “presence” than of a nonpersonal “energy” or “force.” …Moreover, I think God “speaks” to us. I don’t mean oral or aural revelation or divine dictation. …We sometimes have a sense – I sometimes have a sense – of being addressed.

Conversation Question
  1. How does God speak to you?

Quote from Page 72

In the first way of imaging God’s character, God is God of requirements and rewards….When God’s character is thought of this way, then the Christian life is about meeting God’s requirements, be they many or few. …The second way of judging God’s character sees God as a God of love and justice. …The God of love is also the God of justice. The two are related, for in the Bible justice is the social form of love. Thus the God of love is not simply “nice,” but has an edge, a passion for justice. … The Christian life is about a relationship with God that transforms us into more compassionate beings. The God of love and justice is the God of relationship and transformation.

Conversation Question
  1. How have you experienced God as the God of love and the God of justice?