By The Numbers: Saint James’ Church & School

As we look ahead with great hope and optimism to Pledge Day, April 2, 2017, it is fitting that we take a moment to look more closely at our largest ministry, largest donor, and continuing success story, Saint James’ Episcopal School. The numbers below leave no doubt that education is a central passion and gift of our parish. 

Saint James’ Episcopal Church & School by the Numbers


50 years ago the education wing was built onto our church. At that time there was no school and the parish consisted of 309 members.


898 adults and children call Saint James’ their home today


400+ of those 898 people have a connection to SJES. From the founders of our preschool program to current and former students and their parents, from grandparents, aunts and uncles to teachers and school board members, and from future students whose families have already joined the church, there can be no doubt that SJES has helped make Saint James’ Episcopal Church a vibrant, growing and thriving parish.

These carabiners are a symbol of all the ways Saint James’ Church & School and connected with each other. You can visit the CONNECTED Campaign’s official website at

$64,827 + $40,000 = $104,827

SJES contributed $104,827 to the church last year

123 + 86 = 209

209 preschoolers and elementary students experience religion as an essential facet of their learning every day because they attend SJES. Each school day begins with a short chapel service of song, prayer and virtues. Elementary students also attend the weekly Wednesday service in the church with parishioners.

SJES students serve as ushers on January 29, 2017, during a church service recognizing the school’s contributions to our community.


Three preschool scholarships have been awarded with the church’s signature outreach, Learning Starts Early Fund and SJES tuition assistance. Children who receive the scholarships, along with their families, are also provided with the support necessary to succeed every day; this includes before- and after-school care. Because the school and the church are working together, members of our greater Fauquier community are able to provide their children with a high-quality preschool education.


Eight times a year the school partners with the church to reach out into the broader Fauquier community for service projects. In addition, fifth-grade service projects receive support from the church throughout the year.

The renovated spaces and new building will allow our church to continue as the backbone of our school, and will allow our school to thrive as the most vital ministry of the church.