Photos of Haiti, by Haitians

Late last month, a group from Saint James’ spent a week in northern Haiti, mostly in two rural towns.

We went especially to explore the possibility of partnering with an Episcopal school in the area, but the most fulfilling upshot of our trip was that we experienced the love and hospitality of our Episcopalian brothers and sisters, and gained a richer, deeper and more personal understanding of a country so often defined in the minds of foreigners simply by its material poverty.

We will share our experiences on Sunday, December 3rd at 9:00am in the Parish Hall.

Along with sharing our experiences, we will also have lots and lots and lots of photos and video that will hopefully give everyone at Saint James’ an eye into what life is like in Terrier Rouge and Trou du Nord.

But before we share our stories and our photographs, I wanted to share these very special images.

Each photograph was taken by one of four nine-year-old boys who go to St Barthélémy Episcopal School in Terrier Rouge. I simply handed them my camera, showed them where the shutter button is, and they took it from there. Their names are in the captions.

So before you hear and see our stories, here is what a rural town in Haiti looks like to the kids who live there.