5th Grade Service Project | January 2017

Riley, a 5th grader at SJES, is working with RappCats for his service project.

RappCats is a volunteer organization working to help the stray, abused, abandoned, and injured cats of Rappahannock County. They assist with low-cost spay/neuter, veterinary care, and finding temporary and permanent homes.

They also operate the RappCats Adoption Center, a cageless, no-kill facility. They rely entirely on donations to support their operation.

This January, Riley will be collecting items from the organization’s wish list to take to them. Please help if you can. A copy of the list can be found on the bulletin board outside the Parish Hall.

RappCats Wishlist

(view a printable list here)

  • Cage scratchers for cats from StretchandScratch.com
  • Canned cat food Friskies Classic Pate varieties:
  • Ocean whitefish and tuna
  • Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Sauce
  • Salmon Dinner
  • Sea Captain’s Choice
  • Turkey and Giblets Dinner
  • Supreme Supper
  • Canned mackeral for trapping
  • Canned kitten food: Fancy Feast kitten
  • Canopy for events: 10×10 easy pop-up
  • Cat beds, any kind
  • Cat Scratchers and refills
  • Cat treats
  • Cheese singles or cheez whiz for giving meds
  • Dawn (blue only) dishwashing soap
  • Disposable, non latex gloves
  • Dry Food: Purina Naturals for shelter or any kind for ferals
  • Electrician to install baseboard heater
  • Feliway Diffusers and Refills
  • Flea Treatment: Capstar or Advantage II
  • Fleece Blankets (used)
  • FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement
  • Gift cards to grocery, pet supply, home improvement, office supply stores
  • Hammocks for cats
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Heated water bowls for people feeding feral cats
  • Heating pads (outdoor electric) to keep feral cats from
  • freezing and for keeping tiny kittens warm, like K&H
  • Manufacturing Extreme Weather Heated Kitty Pad 12.5-
  • Inch by 18.5-Inch 40 Watts, about $60
  • Heavy duty cat-handling glove like Humaniac Critter Gloves
  • KMR Milk replacement for baby kittens and bottles, nipples
  • Kuranda beds
  • Laptop computer, used PC or Mac but up to date
  • Laundry detergent (High-efficiency)
  • Litter: clumping, unscented
  • Microchip Reader
  • Microchipping system
  • Shelters for outdoor cats, either homebuilt or purchased
  • Towels (used)
  • Toys: laser pointers, feathers and toys on a stick, balls, laser pointers, any cat toys
  • Traps: we use Tru-Catch, which cost about $70
  • Utility Cart, like Seville Classics Industrial All-Purpose Utility Cart