Resolution Commending Richard Gookin

Editor’s Note: The following resolution was presented to Richard Gookin, history committee chair, on the occasion of our 200th Anniversary Service.  We are certain that you share the vestry’s gratitude to Richard for his considerable work. You can browse Richard’s informative and entertaining essays here.

Whereas Richard Gookin has served as chair of the Saint James’ History Committee for 20 years, providing thoughtful leadership, thorough research and organization, and a passion for preserving, honoring, and sharing the church’s story;

richard gookin
The resolution was read for Mr. Gookin during the Bicentennial Festival Eucharist on April 24, 2016.

Whereas under his leadership, the History Committee has grown in number, enthusiasm, and function;

Whereas Richard has also taken an active leadership role in ensuring that our bicentennial year fulfills its motto of “Honoring the past; fully living the present; and building the future”

Whereas Richard proactively and generously initiated our bicentennial celebration with a year long telling of our two hundred year history with weekly essays;

Whereas these beautifully crafted essays not only engaged visitors as well as new and established members in the historic milestones of Saint James’ but also illuminated the colorful personalities and faithful examples of those that have carried the church through time

Whereas these weekly essays became enthusiastic conversation points amongst community members and an anticipated highlight of the weekly bulletins and parish emails;

Whereas Richard far exceeded the scope of his endeavor not only composing 51 of the 52 weekly essays in 2015 but continuing to share engaging and informative stories well into our bicentennial year;

Whereas Saint James’ Episcopal Church and this bicentennial celebration have been immeasurably enhanced by the firm rooting in our beloved church’s story

Whereas Richard’s efforts have left the church more acutely aware of the continuing adventure of God and God’s people here in Warrenton and a better grasp of the moment in time that has been presented to us;

Whereas the generous and daring contributions and witness of those who have gone before us has emboldened us to step bravely into the next 200 years poised to leave our mark and continue God’s story;

Now therefore, be it resolved that we, the wardens, vestry, and clergy of Saint James’ Episcopal Church, commend with abundant gratitude the faithful ministry of Richard Gookin and his tireless work for the history committee and toward our bicentennial celebration. Be it further resolved that this resolution be presented to Richard Gookin, on the occasion of the Saint James’ Episcopal Church bicentennial service on April 24th, 2016, a copy of this resolution published in the Weekly News of Saint James’, and recorded upon in the minutes of this vestry.

Given under our hands at a regular meeting of the vestry of Saint James’ Episcopal Church, Warrenton, Virginia, the Diocese of Virginia, on April 4th, 2016.