Resolution to the Saint James’ Choir

requiemmass-4This past Sunday, Senior Warden Bill Turnure presented the resolution to Jesse and the music program in gratitude for their exceptional service

Resolution of the Saint James’ Vestry: December 15, 2015

Whereas the choir of Saint James’ Episcopal Church under Music Director Jesse Ratcliffe’s capable and inspired leadership have ascended to new heights musically;

Whereas the choir’s tireless dedication demonstrated by untold hours of rehearsal stands as an icon of committed ministry;

Whereas the liturgical year at Saint James’ Episcopal Church, especially Holy Week, Easter, and Christmas, has been immeasurably enhanced by the choir’s freely and beautifully offered gifts;

Whereas the choir has provided the people of Saint James’ Episcopal Church the opportunity to experience a myriad of worship services from Choral Evensong to a Bluegrass Mass, from Taizé to Morning Prayer, from a Longest Night healing service to a Celtic Eucharist, from an outdoor service at the Cathedral Shrine to a Requiem Mass;

Whereas the Christmas Concert beautifully wove together the considerable gifts of our Junior Chorale, Bell Choir, and Adult Choir;

Whereas many families and friends have been comforted by the remarkable participation of the choir in laying to rest both beloved parish members and relative strangers;

Whereas the music program of Saint James’ Episcopal Church will gracefully lead us in our bicentennial celebrations;

Now therefore, be it resolved that we, the wardens, vestry, and clergy of Saint James’ Episcopal Church, commend with abundant gratitude the faithful ministry of our Choir, and Jesse Ratcliffe, Organist and Music Director.

Be it further resolved that this resolution be presented to Jesse Ratcliffe as representative of the entire Music Ministry, a copy of this resolution published in the Weekly News of Saint James’, and recorded in the minutes of this vestry;

Given under our hands at a regular meeting of the vestry of Saint James’ Episcopal Church, Warrenton, Virginia, the Diocese of Virginia, on December 15th, 2015.