September Vestry Meeting Minutes

Summary of Vestry Minutes

St. Michael and All Angels’ Eve, 2015

The Treasurer reported that the recent market drop reduced the Endowment Fund but due to significant gains earlier in the year it is down only $18,000 YTD. While plate offerings are still a little under budget, they have rebounded significantly since July.

Father Ben reported on the many Buildings and Grounds projects completed or still underway. Phase 6 of the stained glass window repair has been completed; only the windows in the chapel remain to be done. Major restoration of parts of the tower has been completed. Subtle changes in the choir area provide more space for the expanding choir.

St.James’ is invited to a Thanksgiving Service on November 14 at the Deliverance Church of God in Bealeton.

Pre-school Initiative: the number of students served by the Virginia Preschool Initiative has increased from 18 to 44 spread over three elementary schools and still has a waiting list. Both the county and the state have increased their investment and the proceeds from The Turkey Trot, the Thanksgiving Race, will all go to benefit VPI and Head Start. Kristen McAuliffe is the coordinator of VPI, Pat Washington the coordinator of Head Start.

Joint Church and School Capital Campaign:

After serious and extensive deliberation, the vestry agreed unanimously to proceed with the expansion and renovation project in partnership with WJES and to hire the FOCUS Group to guide us through the fundraising phase.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Aileen H. Laing, Register

Next Vestry meeting: October 26, at 6pm.