Youth Missions

“The mission trip is the hardest, most stressful, but most rewarding week of my entire year.” – Jeff Place

“We go into each trip with an open mind, looking for how God wants to use us and teach us. He works in mysterious ways. We try to leave behind any expectations from years before and make each trip brand new.” – April Walker

Want to be a part of something INCREDIBLE and life changing? The high school youth missions trips have been just that for many people both adults and teens. We have chosen, as our means of manifesting God’s love, to create opportunities for all people to live in decent, durable shelter. The trip puts faith into action by helping to build, renovate or preserve homes. Starting in 2009, members of Saint James’ high school youth organization along with adult chaperons have spent one week each summer rebuilding homes in South Carolina and West Virginia.

This year the group went to South Carolina to work on a woman’s trailer. The projects included repairing her front and back porch, applying an aluminum coat to her roof for insulation, installing insulation below her trailer, removing moldy walls from the bathroom and replacing them, and applying skirting around the trailer. The work is intended to give the resident hope for the future. Being able to meet the residents of the homes is a humbling and unique opportunity and the missions team always grows closer to God through getting to know them.

These trips have been much more than simple service projects. They change perspectives, build relationships, alter pursuits, and open eyes to the incredible possibilities God has put in front of us. God’s mission for us is far more than a trip, but sometimes living out that mission begins with a trip. Check out our BLOG to get a glimpse of the experience.