Softball Updates

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Tuesday night, July 19 versus SJ Mission Team
  • Tuesday night, July 26 open week for now
  • Tuesday night, August 2 versus Fauquier Community Child Care
  • Tuesday night, August 9 versus St James Episcopal School

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to our game against our old foe, Oak View National Bank.  We finally had a Tuesday night with no rain and the cloud cover provided a brief respite from the 90 degree days in the past week.  We had over 25 players show up last night, and that was a good thing, as the bank only had 7, so we had to provide support players for the opposition!

We saw a number of new players last night from the recently-returned Mission Team in matching orange shirts (Will, Tanner, Joe, Alex, and Patrick, all led by Kaylee Lamper) as well as some long-time returning players of yore (we saw you Tom Harris and Joe Michel!)  We had four parent – child duos hit the field, sometimes on opposite teams (Powells, Turnures, Del Gallos, and Borgstroms).  Many other first-season players rounded out both squads which allowed for some breaks on the bench.

In the end, we played an extended 9-inning game instead of two double headers (in order to get to the after-party at Foster’s a little earlier!)  We saw screaming line drives, diving catches, base-clearing triples – it’s a shame all those plays were AGAINST our team!  The official score was Oak View 24* – Saint James 7 with a large asterisk in that win column for the bank, since Saint James provided 8 additional players in that winning effort.

Thank you to the many fans who also came out to enjoy our game last night, especially those fans of the four-legged variety!  Extra special thanks to those kids who cleared the outfield of all of the Pokémon so we could have an uninterrupted game!

We had so much fun that we are lining up to do this again next Tuesday night, July 19, at 6:15pm at Taylor MS.  This time the Mission Team is bringing the heat against any and all church members willing to step onto the diamond!   Kaylee has already heard from the rest of the Mission Team that missed last night and they want their chance at the plate.  Who’s with us next Tuesday?

– Colin and Debbi Borgstrom