Syllabus: Learning More About St. Francis and Creation

Adult Formation at Saint James’

Adult formation is learning about the faith and being formed by the triune God through

  1. study of religious sources [Bible, Prayer Book, books, etc.]
  2. contemplative prayer [lectio divina, contemplation, centering prayer, examen, etc.]
  3. meaningful conversation [honest, open, focused, non-judgmental, helpful, respectful, etc.]
  4. and participation in the life of a faith community. [learning groups, Saint James’, The Episcopal Church]

Learning More About St. Francis and Creation

Course Book: Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi ($10 paperback/$10 Kindle)

Session Dates and Conversation Chapters
  • Sep 10 & 12 Session 1: Introduction
  • Sep 17 & 19 Session 2: Chapter 1, What Do We Mean by Mysticism?
  • Sep 24 & 26 Session 3: Chapter 2, Inner Authority of Those Who Have Suffered
  • Oct 1 & 3 Session 4: Chapter 3, Living on the Edge of the Inside: Simplicity and Justice
  • Oct 8 & 10 Session 5: Chapter 4, Home Base: Nature and the Road
  • Oct 15 & 17 Session 6: Chapter 5, Contemplation: A Different Way of Knowing
  • Oct 22 & 24 Session 7: Chapter 6, An Alternative Orthodoxy: Paying Attention to Different Things
  • Oct 29 & 31 Session 8: Chapter 7, Franciscan Genius: Integration of the Negative
  • Nov 5 & 7 Session 9: Chapter 8, Lightness of Heart and Firmness of Foot: Feminine & Masculine
  • Nov 12 & 14 Session 10: Chapter 9, Legacy of Clare: Living the Life at Depth
  • Nov 19 & 21 Session 11: Chapter 10, Entering the World of Another: Francis and the Sultan
  • Nov 26 & 28 Session 12: Chapter 13, Francis: A Natural Spiritual Genius

Learning Groups

The primary purpose of learning groups is to facilitate participants in getting a deeper understanding of how St. Francis lived a life of deep faith, especially through his relationships with God, Creation, the poor and all of God’s people. St. Francis has had a huge impact on Christianity, and there is so much we can learn from him.

  • Sunday Learning Group, 9:15am and 11:45am in Reception Room (Childcare for five years and younger in Nursery)
  • Tuesday Learning Group, 10:30 in Reception Room
  • Home Learning Group (Form your own group of two or more; meet in your own space. Contact Fr. Randolph for more information.)
  • Online Learning Group (Join the Saint James’ Adult Formation Facebook group.)

Learning Group Conversation Norms

Respectful Conversation Guidelines
  • R = take RESPONSIBILITY for what you say and feel without blaming others
  • E = use EMPATHETIC listening
  • S = be SENSITIVE to differences in communication styles
  • P = PONDER what you hear and feel before you speak
  • E = EXAMINE your own assumptions and perceptions
  • T = TRUST ambiguity because we are NOT here to debate who is right or wrong

Learning Group Creed

I am beloved of God.

I am on a faith journey with Jesus Christ that touches my heart,

and I am grateful to be walking in faith with companions along the way.

I don’t need to be right.

I do want to be faithful.