Sundays at Saint James’

Sunday Schedule

  • * The middle-school youth group typically meets twice a month. Click here for the list of regular meetings in 2018-2019.
  • ** The high-school youth group typically meets every Sunday. Click here for the list of regular meetings in 2018-2019.

Sunday is the pinnacle of the week at Saint James’. We celebrate the Eucharist at 8:00 AM and 10:15 AM worship services, and offer opportunities to learn and connect for both adults and children.

Above is our typical Sunday schedule. Since there are occasional exceptions to this schedule, make sure to check out our calendar page for more detailed information.

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Sunday-Morning Worship Services

Every Sunday morning, Saint James’ offers two opportunities to worship together as a community. While both worship services follow the same general format, including celebrating the Eucharist (Communion), each service speaks to people a bit differently.

At any service at Saint James’ where the Eucharist is offered, we invite everyone who feels called to come forward to receive the bread and wine.  If you are more comfortable doing so, you may also come to the altar rail with your arms crossed over your chest to receive a blessing.


Our early worship service uses the traditional, eloquent and especially-poetic language from Rite I of The Book of Common Prayer. This order of worship emphasizes contemplation and reflection. There is no music during this service, leaving quiet spaces for meditation within the prayers, Scripture readings and sermon. As with both our Sunday-morning worship services, the Eucharist is the high-point of our worship.  Generally, our 8:00am worship lasts a little over one-half hour.


For the larger of the two Sunday-morning services, we gather at 10:15am to the sound of the organ as the choir, acolytes and other worship ministers process through the congregation. This service follows the more celebratory and contemporary language of Rite II from The Book of Common Prayer, complemented by hymns, anthems and service music among prayers and periods of silence before culminating with the celebration of the Eucharist. This service usually lasts around one hour and fifteen minutes.

Children are invited to attend Sunday school during the first half of worship or are equally welcome to remain with their families for the entire service. Additionally, nursery is available from 10:15-11:45 AM every Sunday.