Table Talk: Week of December 18, 2016

As your children learn about Advent and the story of Jesus’ birth in Sunday School this season, we encourage you to continue the conversation at home. Each week, we will provide you with the reading done in church for the lighting of our Advent Candles and questions that can be used to discuss them. You can use them as you light your own candles or simply as a conversation-starter.

Reading for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

We have lit three candles ─ for hope, for peace, and for joy. Today we add the fourth candle ─ the candle of love. With this flame we signify the love of God that surrounds and fills us at all times, but that we recognize in a special way in the Christmas story. There is no greater power than love. It is stronger than rulers and empires, stronger than grief or despair, stronger even than death. We love, because he loves us.

(All four candles are lit.)

The 3rd graders performed a puppet show portraying the Christmas story for the rest of the kids this Sunday // December 18, 2016


Loving God, as we enter this Advent season, We open all the dark places in our lives and memories to the healing light of Christ. Show us the creative power of hope. Prepare our hearts to be transformed by you, That we may walk in the light of Christ.

Table Talk Questions

  1. I wonder what it means to feel love?
  2. I wonder who loves me?
  3. I wonder what it means to say love is stronger than grief, despair or death?
  4. I wonder what having God’s love means for me? How did God show us his love?
  5. I wonder what I can do to show others my love?