Table Talk: Week of November 13, 2016

 PreK-K and 3rd-5th

In the reading this week, Paul tells his followers: “Dear friends, you must never become tired of doing right.” –2 Thessalonians 3:13, CEV

The letter to the Thessalonians calls disciples of all ages to work together as the church. We know what God wants us to do and how we should act towards others, but it can be hard to do the right thing. Paul is reminding his followers that they must be willing to work together to help others, no matter how hard it is or how tired they become.


Table Talk Questions

  1. What happens when we work together as a group? Why is this better than working on our own?
  2. What is a gift that you have? How could use it to help the church or others?
  3. How do others know we are a part of the church?

1st and 2nd Grade – Godly Play

The Godly Play story this week was The Gift of the Poor Widow. In it, Jesus watches wealthy people give at their temple and then a widow, who only gave two copper coins. He tells his disciples that her offering of two coins is worth more than all the money given by the wealthy, because it is all she has.

Jesus asks us to give all that we can to God and to others, not simply what we can give without missing it.

Table Talk Questions

  1. I wonder how the rich people feel putting so much money into the Temple treasury?
  2. I wonder how they decided how much money to put in?
  3. I wonder why the widow is poor?
  4. I wonder how the poor widow feels giving all she has?
  5. I wonder how she decided to give all she has to live on?
  6. I wonder how Jesus’ disciples feel when Jesus says “This poor widow gave more than all the others”?