2017 Pledged Giving FAQ

Why Pledge?


  • commits us to building God’s kingdom on earth through the mission and ministry of Saint James’
  • allows the vestry to budget responsibly
  • helps determine our priorities in life when we first pledge a proportion of our income to the Church and then create our household budget
  • can be an act of sacrificial love

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2017 Stewardship Letter from the Senior Warden

Dear Saint James’ family,

As your senior and junior wardens, we are writing this year’s annual pledge campaign letter. Newcomers and visitors reinforce what we all feel when they observe that we are a church that radiates meaning, purpose and vitality. The vestry bears the responsibility for the finances of the church, and as their officers, we can state with confidence that our budget is designed to support what makes Saint James’ exceptional.

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Vestry Minutes | December 2015

Summary of Vestry Minutes | December 15, 2015

Treasurer’s Report: Finances are in good shape. Plate receipts exceeded the budgeted amount in November, enhanced by two generous gifts and expenses remain largely under budget. Although pledges are up for the month, they may not hit the $513,000 budgeted for the year.

Father Ben complemented the vestry on their fiscal soundness, noting the guideline of the “three Silos:” use of the Endowment for maintenance, the Budget for operating expenses, and the Capital Campaign for new missions. They have been good stewards of the church’s funds.

Rector’s Report: Father Ben noted the fact that the music program has become a major mission of the church and asked for a suitable way to acknowledge this important fact. He also complemented John Knouse on his job, citing particularly the Advent devotional written in large part by the youth of the church.

With the departure of Rev. Lyn, Father Ben stated that a suitable replacement for leadership and support for the women of the church is a priority for the next part-time hire.

New Business:

  • Bill Turnure noted that a slate for the new vestry is being developed and should be ready by the first of the year. The focus is to keep the diversity necessary to maintain a strong vestry and ensure that all constituencies of the congregation be represented.
  • Gary Shook has agreed to be the chairman of the Bicentennial Committee.
  • The 2016 budget is being finalized. Scott Christian reported for the Stewardship Committee that to date 142 pledges have been received for a total of $506,000. This is $41,000 short of the initial budgeted amount

The meeting closed at 6:59 with the Lord’s Prayer and all decamped to the Rectory to celebrate the season along with the Church and School staff and Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Aileen H. Laing, Register