Update on Saint James’ Builds

by dorothy smith

Another much-needed Build was accomplished on November 4 and 5. This time the builders rebuilt half a roof, fixed the interior ceiling and did exterior brick, siding and other repairs to the home.

The home owner, Nicky, has two small children (both with special needs) and was very grateful and moved by the outpouring of love and action from Saint James’.

Someone also anonymously donated money to help Nicky meet some of her very pressing needs, which was an incredibly timely and thoughtful gesture.

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Saint James’ Builds: Video and Testimony

Saint James’ Builds is a ministry that goes straight to the needs of people in our local community. Through this program, we are able to build quite literally a true community of Christ. Watch the video below to learn more, and contact Dorothy Smith if you have an interest in volunteering.

Saint James Builds thanks all the volunteers and parishioners who’ve donated money and countless hours of hard labor. You have already changed many lives and are reshaping the Fauquier County community.

“I just wanted to thank you for your hardworking team of volunteers. They helped repair my aging home and were so compassionate. I am a single mother of two great boys, and a life long resident of Fauquier County. The floors in my living room and bathroom were in a state of disrepair due to a bad water leak, my washing machine was leaking and created a hole in the floor, my air conditioning unit in the window leaked into the wall and rotted the studs. The volunteers all came together and helped my sons and I fix the enormous job. They also had fixed electrical, and plumbing problems previously. I am so very thankful for all of the time and effort to make our home safer. I can never thank you enough. I would also like to help and volunteer my time.” -Owner of the home in which we worked on August 15

Saint James’ Builds: Next Workday is August 15

Saint James’ Builds has a new build date of August 15th. We’ll be working on the rotted floor of a trailer. So far we have four labor volunteers and one possible lunch provider. Ideally, we could use about five more people, skilled or unskilled. We will be ripping up the floors, the part of the under-frame that I could see looked solid, so we should just be adding subfloor and vinyl or vinyl tile etc depending on which of the three or four spaces we fix. We may also fix her tiny dog yard, which is some propped up grating at the moment. She has three dachshunds, who are very important to their family. Please get involved – SJB only works and helps our community if you volunteer. Contact Dorothy Fineart111@aol.com

SC Missions Trip: Tuesday Summary



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Workday:  We made more progress on our worksite today- The flooring in the kitchen is complete, the deck is undergoing a second coat of stain, the walls of the shed are almost finished being built and will be put up tomorrow, and we started installing trim inside the rooms of the house.

Evening:  We had a special treat tonight for dinner, as Tuesday is always the night of the Seafood Jamboree at the Rural Missions Headquarters. We heard prayers and stories from Linda, the director of Rural Missions, and others in the community  as well as songs from Linda’s family and the residents of the home we are working on. After dinner, students enjoyed dancing and singing to uplifting spiritual music, and then spent some time on the pier taking pictures in the beautiful sunset.

Tomorrow we look forward to making more progress at the site, and will also be starting a separate project at Christ St. Pauls, to remove and replace the roof of a building on their property.


Saint James’ Builds: You Can Help!

unnamed (1)We have started with the new family that needs our help. This time we’ll be fixing the floors in a trailer in Bealeton. This is a mom with two sons, the older son is working and pretty much on his own and a much younger son, who lives with her. She not able to make ends meet and cannot afford many of the basics, let alone repairs. Leeann is working hard to improve her situation though, both by continuing to work and by taking classes that will eventually help her to secure a higher paying job. Unfortunately the floors of this old trailer are wrecked in three places that are in immediate need of fixing before someone falls through. This nasty damage was caused by frozen pipes and also by a badly leaking washing machine. As a hard-working, but financially strapped mom, Leeann simply doesn’t have the ability to pay to have the work done. Your outreach has already helped by finding a used, but decent washer/dryer to replace the wrecked, leaking and dangerous ones she had. To that end Robert Downey, Lynn Ward and I headed over and (with the eldest son’s help) put the used machines in place. Robert is graciously doing some electrical repairs that became apparent as well. I think it is becoming crystal clear to him that whenever he sets foot in one of these projects, the awful state of the electrical systems will require far more help than anyone previously mentioned. Anyway, Now that the leaking washer is out, the floor in that area will start to dry, so in a month or so we can come in and work on the floors. We really need a builder to head the crews and at least two people with some skills and two or three who are unskilled, plus some willing foodies. Call or email Dorothy 540-219-9001 or Fineart111@aol.com.

Welcome to our new Music Director

Welcome to our new Music Director,Organist and Choir Master, Jesse Ratcliffe. Jesse is a native of Hinton, West Virginia, and graduated in 2010 from Concord University with an Interdisciplinary Degree in Organ and History.   In August he completed his Master of Music in Church Music and Organ at Shenandoah Conservatory in Winchester. Since 2006 he has served as Carilloneur of the forty-eight bell Carillon at Concord University and has performed several recitals. In 2010 he taught and performed carillon at Hollins University. This summer he has performed on the 47-bell carillon at Luray. Jesse has been honored to study privately and in master classes with Dr. Stephen Cooksey, Professor of Sacred Music and Organ at Shenandoah, as well as Dr. Roberta Gary, Professor of Organ at Cincinnati Conservatory, and Dr. Walden Moore at Yale University.

Since the age of 12 he has served as a church musician in several denominations.  He is coming from New Providence Presbyterian Church in Brownsburg where he served as music director.  Earlier he served as music director at both Pearisburg and Narrows First Presbyterian Churches where he began a recital series both as a community outreach and an outlet for local classical musicians.

We are so pleased to have Jesse here at Saint James’.

We look forward to hearing his wonderful music!  Welcome Jesse.

Did You know: that Music Director Jesse Ratcliffe gave an organ presentation to the elementary classes of the School this week?  Jesse played samples of Baroque music which the children are studying in Music class.