Table Talk: Week of September 9, 2018

“All are welcome here”

What an appropriate lesson for our Homecoming Sunday!

God commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves. God calls us to view anyone who needs help as our neighbor. We don’t have to look hard to find a “wounded” person. They surround us in our family, our neighborhood, our church, our country, our world.

There are many ways to share God’s love. Ask your children what some of their ideas are.

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Mark Your Calendars: Homecoming Sunday is September 9th

By Randolph Charles

On Homecoming Sunday on September 9th, we come home as the full parish community regathers after summer activities. We begin the program year. There is an excitement about seeing each other more often and participating in a fuller offering of activities.

A special treat this year is seeing the progress on our building and renovation project. The new restrooms are open!

On Homecoming Sunday, the schedule for the 10:15 Eucharist will be a little different. Early arrivals for worship are free to greet and talk with others. At 10:05 the bell will ring and the presider will ask for silence, which will provide time for personal prayers and listening to the prelude. The announcements will follow, then worship.

Finally, Homecoming Sunday will mark our commitment to the program year’s theme, “Come and See.” More about this later.

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