Softball Update: July 18, 2018

We will not have a softball game this Wednesday, July 25 so we can attend Choral Evensong instead. However, we are trying to get a game together for Monday, July 23, so email the team captains if you’re interested in playing!


Your Saint James’ coed softball team continued to rack up wins this past Wednesday with a pair of wins against cross-town rival Oak View National Bank.

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Saint James’ Softball Returns Wednesday, July 11!

Saint James’ Softball is BACK!

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Play resumes this week, Wednesday, July 11 against our first opponent of the season, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Delaplane, Va! We will start the first game of our double header at 6:15 pm that evening with a projected start time of 7:15 pm for the second game. Please plan to arrive by 6:00 pm if you will be playing in the first game.

As always, we will adjourn to Foster’s Grille in Warrenton after the second game of the double header for food, fun, and fellowship – plan to join us!

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Saint James’ Softball Cup is Tuesday, August 9!

Thank you to those who came out last week to play against the Fauquier Community Child Care team.  We won 18-1 in seven innings, which allowed us extra time at Fosters afterwards!

All of the past weeks have been leading up to this week’s game versus the Saint James’ Episcopal School parents, teachers, and alumni!  We hear through the grapevine that the school team is getting packed with players, so we need our best out on the field this Tuesday.

I have already heard from a few of you who have confirmed for this week – if you haven’t contacted Debbi or me, please reach out to us via email, cell, or text so we can get a proper headcount.

Invite your friends, family, and neighbors to pack the stands and cheer us on – this game will be EPIC!

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Softball Updates: August 2nd

Two weeks of games left (6:15pm start at Taylor Middle School)

  1. Tuesday night, August 2 versus the counselors of Fauquier Community Child Care
  2. And the grand finale for the soon-to-be-minted:  SAINT JAMES’ CUP

Forget Batman versus Superman…It’s not Captain America versus Iron Man…It’s the REAL SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER (softball style)!

Saint James’ Episcopal Church versus Saint James’ Episcopal School!

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Softball Wrap-Up


Thanks to everyone that made it out to the field last night.  Glad that the rain held off as long as it did so that we could play at least one game – then the deluge!

For the history books, the scores were:

Game #1 – St James 17 – Fauquier Comm Child Care 0

Game #2 – Called due to lightning / rain (although St James was ahead at the time  :)

This means that for the first time in several years, St James Episcopal Church ended the season with a WINNING RECORD (3-2)CONGRATS – You are part of the history books!

We were so happy to see some additional new faces join us for last night’s games!  Hailey Place, Maddie Carter, and Joe Irvin all had big hits for us and kept our team moving on the bases.  How about those slides into second by Sam Borgstrom and Brittany Cooper (including taking the shortstop out of that play)?  That’s dedicated!  And a second home run of the season for Jason Cooper – imagine how many he might get with a full season of play?

Your defense made the job for our pitching staff of Mike Lillard and myself easy, keeping most batters to one base at most.  We even had back-to-back innings of 3 pitches / 3 outs before we had to call the games due to the weather.  Wonder how many more innings we could have kept that streak alive if the lightning and rain hadn’t showed up?

Plenty of hits and runs from all corners of our roster – glad to see those bats come alive for so many of our players, even if it was at the end of the season.

Alas, our brief season is coming to a close, as we could not get enough players committed to games on Sunday afternoon due to vacations, injuries, and other commitments.  We can see that the commitment is renewed from our group and others to work on a fledgling ‘league’ for next summer that would allow us a few more games.  More information to follow on that next spring.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on the field this season as well as those that watched us play – we had more than 30 players between our few double headers which was quite a feat!  I’m going to miss thanking a few of you since there were so many, but know that we valued the play, sportsmanship, and fellowship from each and every one of you for the few games we had!

Special thanks to the field crew (Brett Nungesser, Eric Cox, Dorothy Smith, Jeff Loving, Zach and Nate Borgstrom, and others missed) who helped prepare the field, set up bases, and pick them back up again each night!

Coy Ferrell – thanks for the pictures and getting only our ‘good sides’ for Facebook and Instagram!

Can’t forget faithful scorekeeper Sabrina Borgstrom, who has been keeping score for us for several years!

And to my lovely co-captain / co-coach / co-everything Debbi Borgstrom – thanks for keeping us on track and sane this season!

Players – rest up and enjoy the rest of your summer!

PS – Spring Training starts in 192 days!

Saint James’ Softball Update


We want to see EVERYONE at the field for our next game!

Tuesday evening, August 4 – Double Header vs Fauquier Community Child Care Staff – 6:15 start – end around 8:15p – Foster’s afterwards

We’d like to check the interest on a Saint James’ intra-squad game on Sunday afternoon, August 9, from 1-3:30 pm.  This would be a great way to cap off our summer season.  If you are interested and able to play that day, please email us so we can get a head count.

–Colin and Debbi Borgstrom

Softball Scores and Photos


What a great start to our season last night!  We had an inside the park home run, a double-bobbled catch in the outfield, and several innings of multiple runs scored – congrats!

Final scores for our double headers were:

Game #1 – St James 10 – Oak View 9

Game #2 – Oak View 12 – St James 8

Thank you to all of the players and fans who came out play and enjoy the festivities.  Everyone I talked with had a great time and hopefully this morning, we’re all recovering nicely!

Upcoming schedule (all games at Taylor Middle School):

Tuesday evening, July 28 – Double Header vs Latter Day Saints – 6:15 start – end around 8:15p – Foster’s afterwards

**Just Added**  Tuesday evening, August 4 – Double Header vs Fauquier Community Child Care Staff – 6:15 start – end around 8:15p – Foster’s afterwards

Also, with our turnout from last night and the others who were on vacation and couldn’t make it, it looks like we have enough players to field TWO teams.  We’d like to check the interest on a St James intra-squad game on Sunday afternoon, August 9, from 1-3:30 pm.  This would be a great way to cap off our summer season.  If you are interested and able to play that day, please email us back so we can get a head count.

For those who were out of town or unavailable for last night’s games, next Tuesday is your opportunity; please confirm that you will be there for the July 28th game so we can start planning now.

Have a great week and rest up!

–Colin and Debbi Borgstrom

Upcoming Softball Games July 21, July 28

softball21Our first game was rained out, but it’s been rescheduled to July 28, so join us then!

For the rest of July, this is the schedule:

Tuesday, July 21, 6:15pm at Taylor Middle School – double-header vs Oak View National Bank. Foster’s Grille afterwards.

Tuesday, July 28, 6:15pm at Taylor Middle School – double-header vs. Latter Day Saints. This is the make-up for the game that was cancelled last week due to the weather. Foster’s afterwards.

As in previous years, you have to be over 14 y.o. to play. (we have to do this for liability purposes)

See you there!