Sunday School Registration

Sunday School officially kicks off Sunday, September 11. That first Sunday will mostly be concerned with registration and getting acquainted. Please fill out the form at the link and bring it with you on Sunday. This will make it much easier on everyone!

Please fill out a separate form for each child who will be attending Saint James’ Sunday School. Additional forms will be available in the Parish Hall and at the rear of the church.

Message from Laura Updyke, Interim Director of Family Ministries

Its rich and varied family programs drew us to Saint James’ originally, so when Fr. Ben approached me about filling John’s position on an interim basis, it was an easy yes. We’re sad to see John leave and I’m happy to help out in this time of transition and provide the church with the space needed to reflect on our needs and conduct a thorough search for his replacement.

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We need YOU to help with Sunday School!

St. James Episcopal Church still needs to fill 13 Sunday School teacher slots across all grade levels by September 11. Is this the year you can help out?

Teaching only requires 45 minutes of your time,  once a month. You will work with a partner and be provided with the curriculum, no planning required.

If you have children in Sunday School, it’s a great way to give back or, if your children are long gone, it’s a great way to connect to the younger generation.

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Memorial Day Weekend & Summer Hours

Due to this being a holiday weekend, there will be no Sunday School this Sunday. Children are always welcome in our services.

A special treat this Sunday: Rev. Lyn Marshall is in town!

She will be preaching on Sunday. Rev. Lyn will also be here for the Wednesday service on June 1st and preach while Fr. Ben is away on June 5th. So be sure to come and visit with her.

We are now on Summer schedule, so there will be no Café until the fall. Coffee hour will still be held after the 10:15 service.

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What Your Children Learned: April 24

Whether or not your children were able to make it to Sunday school, you can still engage them in this week’s story.  Please read the summary, look up the story online, in your bible, or a children’s bible, and begin the discussion. Increasing your child’s biblical knowledge will be foundational in their faith development. What a gift to provide a child! Adults also reap the benefit of digging in deeper to these stories.

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What Your Children Learned: April 3

Pre K-K & 3rd-5th Gospel: John 20:24-29 “Doubting Thomas”

In the past seven weeks we have been building toward the Easter story and all that led to Jesus’ arrest, death, and resurrection. So this week, we will pick up where we left off. It was a very sad time for Jesus’ disciples after he died on the cross. It seemed like all their work and effort had come to an end. The man they believed in and had expected to restore God’s Kingdom again in Israel was now dead and buried. What were they going to do? Then the excitement of the news of the resurrection came! Continue reading “What Your Children Learned: April 3”

Table Talk | October 4, 2015

Sunday School Oct 2014 097

“Table Talk” is a new series written by our Director of Family Ministries, John Knouse, to let you know what you’re children are learning in Sunday School every week. And it’s a great way to engage with the readings yourself!

Pre-K & K: “Jesus Welcomes the Children” Gospel- Mark 10: 13-16

Today’s Gospel also shows us God’s love for children.  The story continues with Jesus’ friends telling the children to go away.  They tell the children that Jesus does not have time for them.  Jesus gets angry and tells the disciples to let the children come to him.  He then tells the children and the grown ups that there is a special place in Kingdom of God for children.

1st & 2nd Grade: Godly Play “The Story of Job”  

The Children in this class heard the story of Job.   Job was a good man who loved and followed God. God blessed him with many sheep and other animals and a large happy family.   Satan thought Job was only good and faithful to God because of all these blessings so Satan took his animals and his family away and then made Job sick.  Job still loved and prayed to God.  Even after his friends told Job that God was punishing him for being bad; Job did not stop trusting God.  Because Job never gave up on God, God again blessed Job.                                                  

3-5th Grade: “What God has Joined Together” Mark 10:2-9

Relationships are important to God.  God does not want us to be alone.  In marriage we love and take care of one another just as God loves and takes care of us. In Jesus’ time only men could ask for a divorce and it often left women with no one to take care of them. Jesus shows his love for all men and women by saying that it is wrong to leave anyone all alone.  Jesus says human beings cannot separate what God has joined together.