Trip to Haiti & How You Can Help!

Vitamins and Medications needed

As Fr. Ben preached on Sunday, a team of eight, including six members of Saint James’ Episcopal Church and School (Lee and Terry Owsley, Marianne Lynch, Cammie Fuller, Coy Ferrell, and Fr. Ben), are heading to Terrier Rouge, Haiti from Monday October, 23rd – Sunday, October 29th. They’ll be staying at Saint Barthélémy Episcopal School, part of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti.

Our goal while in Haiti is entirely exploratory. We are visiting Episcopal churches and schools in hopes of establishing a companion relationship.

We anticipate visiting places of inspiring utilization of gifts and resources, and places of profound need. But we really do not know what we will encounter and we pray that has our eyes opened just a bit wider.

Part of Coy’s task on our journey will be to lend all of you our eyes. As our director of communication, he will be carefully documenting our experience.

We are also calling on the people of Saint James’ to pray for us while we are traveling.

While we are intentionally traveling lightly, a final way that you can join us on the trip is by donating any of the following much-needed items:

  • children’s vitamins (chewable not gummy)
  • ibuprofen
  • fever reducers
  • pain relievers

(Please place items in the box on the blue table outside the church offices)

We look forward to sharing more of our stories upon our return and building the foundation for a lasting relationship.