Upcoming Green Team Programs

Oct. 4 is the Feast Day of St Francis. There is much to learn about this extraordinary man who lived in the 12th century and inspired others to honor God’s creation.  When Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) was elected Pope by the Catholic Church in 2013, he chose to honor this man by using his name.

In honor of St Francis, please considering participating in one or more of the following:

A statue of St Francis in the courtyard garden at Saint James' Church
A statue of St Francis in the courtyard garden at Saint James’ Church

Adult Education on October 2, 9:15 AM: a look at the life of St. Francis will be part of Adult Ed.

Participate in the Blessing of the Animals on October 5: bring your pet to this joyous celebration of animals in honor of St. Francis.  The Green Team will bring a jar of earthworms; these important creatures turn food and lawn waste into rich compost soil. They may be small, but they are important! You can learn more about homemade worm farms here.

Participate in National Walk/Bike to School Day on October 5 and reduce your carbon footprint.

Participate in citizen science documenting the migration of birds: St. Francis is often represented with a bird on his hand or shoulder. Birds migrate with the aid of seasonal temperatures and light, even using the stars at night for guidance. Both the changing climate and the light pollution of cities affect their ability to migrate successfully. Cornell uses citizen science to document the changes. Participate in Feeder Watch, beginning in November.

The Green Team of Saint James’ always welcomes your input at greenteam@saintjameswarrenton.org