Update on Family Ministries: 2017 Summer Newsletter

by Laura Updyke, Interim Director of Family Ministries


Calling all acolytes! There will be an acolyte training session on August 27th immediately following the 10:15 service. It will last about an hour. Current acolytes wishing to take on a new role or those wishing to become an acolyte should plan to attend. Here are the roles your children can play in the service:

  • 3rd grade and up – Torch
  • 5th grade and up – Crucifer
  • 7th grade and up – Server
  • 9th grade and up – Chalicer

We do not have an age limit for Epistler, because we believe that is self-selecting. Whenever your child feels comfortable reading out loud, they are welcome to take it on.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Updyke at laura.updyke@saintjameswarrenton.org.

Youth Group

Our youth groups had a great year, thanks in large part to our fabulous leadership teams. A big thank you to Denise and Tom Harris, Coy and Kayla Ferrell and James Post for their incredible work with our middle school students, both in deepening their understanding of our church and building fellowship with their peers. Ryan Wilvert, Chris Working and Dorothy Smith did the same amazing work with our high school students as always. We’d be lost without them. And you can read a day-by-day account of the high school youth group’s mission trip to South Carolina here.

Sunday School

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our Sunday School team this year. We issued a call for a large number of new teachers, and our congregation rose to the challenge, for which we are grateful. Everyone did a great job and made Sunday School meaningful. A special thank you goes out to Haifleigh Pritchard, who volunteered to be lead teacher for our 3rd-5th graders, teaching every Sunday. It was a big commitment and made a huge difference for our students. We are also grateful to Norma Thatcher, who not only teaches Godly Play willingly every year, but also trains our new teachers each year.

If you would like to join our team in the fall, please contact Laura Updyke at laura.updyke@saintjameswarrenton.org.