Update on Sunday School: 2018 Fall Newsletter

By Jennifer Taylor, Director of Family Ministries

What a fun, laid back summer we’ve had for Sunday School!

Although our program year ended in May, we got right back in the swing of things with a “one-room-schoolhouse” style summer program.

The stories have ranged from Joshua & Moses to crossing the Jordan River with the Ark of the Covenant and even David & Goliath.

The lessons and stories have been told outside with some time at the playground.

The third-through-fifth-grade Sunday school class works on a project on Homecoming Sunday

On soggy days, we’ve stayed inside for the lesson and played Bible Bingo. I even started to get special requests to play bingo instead of going to the playground! We’ve had fun! A big thanks to all the parents who helped out over the summer!

As we began the program year for Sunday school on September 9th, I am again grateful for each and every person who has volunteered their time for Sunday school on Sunday mornings throughout the year.

I know life is so busy in the world we live in with demanding jobs, long commutes and sports commitments, and it’s not always feasible to see us on Sunday mornings.

With that in mind, I have created some questions you can discuss with your children each week called “Table Talk.”

It’s a great way to reinforce the lesson your children learned in Sunday School as well as staying involved when the busyness of life gets in our way and you can’t attend church in person.

I’ll be using those questions the following Sunday too! I’ll pick a question to review and the kids will have to find me with their answer! There may just be a small prize up my sleeve too!

We believe it is so important for your children’s formation to attend Sunday School regularly, but also talk about the lessons at home! I hope you’ll help me by using “Table Talk” to do just that!

If you haven’t gotten the chance to sign up for Sunday School – there are a couple ways to do that:

  1. Register your family online
  2. Complete the paper registration form found in the back of the church or by connecting with me.

Looking forward to a great year!

– Jen Taylor, Director of Family Ministries