Update on Saint James’ Builds

by dorothy smith

Another much-needed Build was accomplished on November 4 and 5. This time the builders rebuilt half a roof, fixed the interior ceiling and did exterior brick, siding and other repairs to the home.

The home owner, Nicky, has two small children (both with special needs) and was very grateful and moved by the outpouring of love and action from Saint James’.

Someone also anonymously donated money to help Nicky meet some of her very pressing needs, which was an incredibly timely and thoughtful gesture.

The crews on the Build were lead by Robert Ellis and Jason Atkins with Steve Pearson and Ryan Wilvert helping to keep everyone directed and active. The volunteers were amazing and ripped the shingles off in record time while the ground crew uncomplainingly did the thankless job of bagging the resulting mess amidst the flying pieces.

The whole thing was done as a race against the rain, and OSB and roofing felt went on in what seemed like record time.

Of course, the next day we all awoke to rain — which was not forecast and which was quite unwelcome. But the determination was made that the tarps and the felt had kept the underlying roofing materials nice and dry and so the shingles started to fly. Someone (who shall remain nameless!) attempted to carry one of the squares of shingles up a ladder and discovered it was not one of her superpowers, those stinkers are HEAVY.

However, the rest of the crew put that person to shame by slinging the shingles over their shoulders and heaving them up on the roof. Now that I know you can rent a power ladder, I think it a prudent expense if ever SJB should be called on to repair another (low) roof.

A big thank you to all the volunteers for this build and for those that generously supplied food and drinks for the crews. The homeowner’s father left a heartfelt thank you on the Facebook page expressing how much this means to his daughter and to him. Building community and sharing our gifts and resources is so very important here in our neighborhood and in the world. It seems like a very powerful form of prayer when action meets need!

For information on future builds contact Dorothy Smith at Fineart111@aol.com