Saint James’ vestry is composed of the rector and twelve lay people elected to a single three-year term at the annual meeting. The vestry of Saint James’ has three primary functions:

  • Managing the parish finances
  • Managing the parish property and buildings
  • Filling certain positions of leadership.

Together with the rector, the vestry plans and implements the vision of the parish. To learn more about the vestry, contact the rector or one of the Wardens.

  • Ann-Rodman Shook
Class of 2018
  • Paul Bernard
  • Kirk Hughes
  • Terry Owsley
  • Suzy Watkins
Class of 2019
  • Scott Christian (Jr. Warden)
  • Colin Borgstrom
  • Margy Eastham
  • Jennifer Taylor
Class of 2020
  • Whitney Blanford
  • Sharon Michel
  • Amy Petty
  • Tommy Pritchard