Wondering about Worship, Learning about Liturgy

by Fr Randolph Charles

Do you ever wonder why we do certain things and make certain statements in worship? I hope you do, because it means that you want to learn more about and be more centered in our worship at Saint James’.

The clergy, Adult Formation Ministry Team, and Worship Ministry Team have designed a summer program just for you!

For eight Sundays, beginning June 3, the clergy during the announcements will present a brief teaching about a segment of the Eucharist in preparation for the actual liturgy.

Then, following the Eucharist, a 45-minute conversation about that segment will take place in the Reception Room. All are welcome, and all questions and comments are honored. Worship is about God; worship is about us.

Here is a list of our worship topics:

  • Gather
  • Listen and Hear
  • Proclaim
  • Pray
  • Greet and Offer
  • Give Thanks
  • Receive
  • Sent

The Episcopal Church meets this summer for General Convention, and one of the primary agenda items is Episcopal worship.

Not only will we be talking about worship at Saint James’, but so will The Episcopal Church.

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