Worship Notes: The Liturgy Explained

The Worship Ministry Team has been studying The Liturgy Explained, by James Farwell, Professor of Liturgics at Virginia Theological Seminary. The following is a quote from the book.

“In the liturgy, the people who call themselves followers of God… praise the source of beauty and truth, listen to the proclamation of love and laws of human flourishing in the kingdom of God, lament that which is broken in the world, focus their energy on help for those broken, acknowledge their failings and commit to begin again to seek God and the good, make peace with one another, and welcome one another to a shared table.”

If you would like to hear more about what we learned, please ask us. We want to have conversations about our worship at Saint James’.

– Hali Barbeau, Margy Eastham, Ninie Laing, Gary Shook, Norma Thatcher, Bill Turnure, Randolph Charles (Facilitator)