Worship Notes: Praying Shapes Believing

by randolph charles

The way we pray shapes the way we believe is a core principle in Anglican worship. That’s why it’s so important to be intentional about our liturgical prayer. Is what we say and do in corporate worship encouraging our spiritual growth? Is it both challenging and nurturing us as disciples of Jesus? Is it building us up as a faith community and preparing us to be sent into the world to do God’s ministry? Let’s talk about it.

Some worshipers kneel to pray in church because they feel it is more personal and private. Other worshipers stand to pray because they feel it is more communal and relational. In The Episcopal Church, the choice is yours, and it needs to be an informed and intentional choice.

The Episcopal Church is a “wide tent” denomination. We welcome people with different social views, different theological views, different political views, different biblical views, different lifestyle views, and yet all of us are connected to a strong faith center, and through that center we are bound to each other. When it comes to corporate worship, we have lots of options because we honor the diversity of parishioners and the validity of the many ways to praise God in the Episcopal tradition.

Saint James’ Worship Ministry Team includes the following parish staff and parishioners: Hali Barbeau, Margy Eastham, Ninie Laing, Gary Shook, Norma Thatcher, Bill Turnure, Jesse Ratcliffe, Ben Maas, and Randolph Charles.   

Our mission statement is the following: We are called to support ongoing worship ministries, inform parishioners of liturgical principles and options, encourage meaningful conversations, and reflect on parish liturgies so that our worship can be the best experience possible for all.

It is our responsibility to inform the congregation of the principles and options of Episcopal worship, not to tell parishioners what they should do. We are called to give worshipers the confidence to make intentional decisions about the way they worship. Choosing how to worship is the worshiper’s responsibility.

For the next several Sundays, members of the Worship Ministry Team will be available to meet and have conversations with parishioners in the parish hall during Café. The purpose of these conversations is to listen and inform, not to convince. Please join us.