Worship and the Power of Silence

During Lent at Saint James’, we are experimenting with a few modifications of the 10:15 Eucharist, such as the use of silence. After Easter Sunday, there will be an opportunity for discussion and feedback with the clergy, Jesse, and worship ministry team. In the meantime, I welcome your comments and questions.

Silence gives us emotional space to consider the ways we have not put our whole trust in God as we prepare for the Confession of Sin. Silence allows us to reflect on the meanings and message for us in the readings, Gospel, and sermon. Holy silence creates God moments throughout the liturgy.

The purpose of worship is to feel loved by God, connected to God’s People and Creation, and empowered to do God’s will in the world. The time that a faith community spends together in worship is critical and essential to the spiritual health of the people. It is a time to stand in awe of the mystery of God and sit beside the presence of God. It is a sacred time to be still and silent, to speak and sing, to smile and greet, to be the Body of Christ.

– Randolph Charles

Fr Randolph is Priest Associate at SJEC. You can contact him here.